Traci Fitzhugh
Medical Asst. / Midwife Apprentice

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Surgery Date April 28, 2000
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I would love to share with anyone about Dr Perez. I would recommend him highly. I know of 4 ladies including myself that have gone to him; two are pregnant and the third had a test to check if her tubes were clear and they are. I have not been blessed with anymore children as of yet but enjoying being in Gods will.  It has been 1 year and 1 month since the surgery. 

I called on a Friday and setup the appt.  I told him that I would be traveling from many hours (14 hr) and that I wanted to do the surgery the day after if that was ok (if exam was ok). When I went in on Thursday he did a complete exam. I had my blood work done in the morning before my surgery. They did gave me a room so my daughter (16) would have a place to wait (a very small hosp but very clean). I walked into the surgery room and talked with the anesthesiologist (only spoke Spanish but I understood the questions and tried to speak in Spanish).

My trip went well. Everything is connected and seems to be in working order one side had a lot of scar tissue, but he still worked at getting it right. The hosp was very nice and the nurses worked overtime with my little knowledge of Spanish.  But we had a good time. The hospital was only about 15 miles over the border so we were not that far in.  I stayed in one night after surgery and was released in less than 24 hr after surgery.  I felt great almost immediately (I know this was of the Lord, I have heard that the surgery itself can be rough).  I was up and walking by myself within a few hours of surgery.  My daughter was with me (16 yrs old) and felt comfortable waiting in my room during surgery and they had a nice couch for her to sleep on.

I have had no difficulties since the surgery and removed the sutures ten days afterward, still no problem.  I am continually amazed how God takes care of me. The most amazing things is that in the states the cost of surgery (at the least through a doctor that lowers his rates for members of Blessed Arrows) is $3,500 or more; but this surgery, with everything - was a big difference! I freely share my wrong doing in having a tubal in the first place to maybe help another who does not know about the option of going to Mexico for this surgery and to feel impatient about needing to save for the fees of an American doctor.

Dr. Perez 'said' that he did not speak English but he understood me I have very little knowledge of Spanish.  He also reads English. He has been doing the reversals for about 20 years but does not have very many references for the culture of Mexico is hush hush on this subject.  He said his reversal rate is about 95%.  Although I know Who gives the children to us.

The hospital was VERY clean I think they mopped the floor three times a day! I am a medical assistant and am an apprentice for a midwife so I am aware of the sterile technique.  I was awake and walked into the surgery room and was able to watch them set up the instruments. The anesthesiologist was very good; no after effects and they were very concerned about me being comfortable.  A few times afterwards I had to tell them I did not need anything for pain.

I do not have enough good things to say.  I have only been able to try to get pg for a couple of months since the surgery back in April (the 28th), but know that God will give me another if it is in his plan I am just grateful to be in His will now. As you can see I am still excited about finding him.

In His grip,  Traci