Tracy & Lee Martin

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Surgery Date Jun 02, 2000
Ligation Oct 1993
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 mc 2001
Pregnancy 2 It's a Boy!






Timothy James Martin

It's a boy, born May 02, 2002

My name is Tracy, I have a wonderful husband Lee and 4 beautiful girls- Rachel-13, Sarah-10, Ashley-8 and Tori-7 I had a Tubal Ligation done in 1993 and had Tubal Reversal done on June 2nd, 2000 in Rio Bravo, Mexico by Dr. Roberto Perez.

God began working on my heart over a year ago about having had a tubal ligation done. As time has passed He has led me each step of the way to "Righting" the "Wrong". My husband and I decided to look into having a reversal done and we began the "search". As time passed we became very discouraged because as I am sure alot of you all know it is not a "cheap" procedure!

Then, through this ministry (Blessed Arrows), I met a woman named Marie who had posted about a Dr. in Mexico who could do Tubal Reversals. Oh, was I excited!! There seemed to be a glimmer of hope for us!! I contacted her and got the information so we could check into it. We prayed about it and made the appt. to go down there and have the reversal done.

We tried to conceive for about 8 months, and in May of 2001 I found out I was pregnant! Wow! I was shocked to say the least. But I miscarried after about 6 weeks. Even though I was sad that I had miscarried I was thankful that God allowed the pregnancy because it gave me peace of mind. After about 3 months I found out once again that I was pregnant! This time I was a little scared because I had miscarried before and was praying that I wouldn't again.

And I didn't ! I am now 28 weeks-- 7 months and am due in May 2002.... I have had no complications. Also God has given us the very desires of our hearts-- We are having a son. Timothy James! And who knows what the future will bring us as far as more children but for now I am (we are) just enjoying this time of being pregnant once again....Thank You Lord!

God Bless,

My name is Lee & my wife's name is Tracy and we just had our first Tubal Reversal Baby! His name is Timothy James Martin, born May 2nd, 2002! He's healthy, to say the least! - and doing just fine.  Anyhow, our journey began almost 9 years ago, when we agreed that my wife should have her tubes tied after (then) our last daughter's birth, we too, realized later - what a painful mistake we had made.  To make a long story short. When my wife and I married, she had two precious little girls from a previous marriage. We had two more blessed little girls together... Family, as well as peer pressure around us caused us to fold, and we had my wife's tubes tied after our last daughter was born in October of 1993.

We began looking into a tubal reversal after completing leadership training for a marriage ministry we were involved in -around about the summer of 1998.  Stateside surgery just wasn't an option, as it was too cost prohibitive... enough said.  We found out about Dr. Perez & Rio Bravo, through a "little angel" we meet in this group.  Thankfully, we had some Spanish speaking friends who helped us communicate with the doctor, our needs - and in June of 2000 - after much talk, thought, and prayer - we, along with our Spanish speaking friends - made the trip to Rio Bravo, that has forever changed our lives!  We were so skeptical of the whole ordeal (I feel absolutely terrible about that now), mainly because of the difference in price between just about any American doctor we had approached, and Dr. Perez. Well, I don't mind telling you what a blessed time we had in Rio Bravo, and how much God used Dr. Perez and his staff - inasmuch, as they put all of our fears to rest.

The surgery went off without a hitch, and my wife healed just fine.  We went through over a year of trying to get pregnant, and finally it happened.  Only 2 mos. later to end in a very sad miscarriage. (We too have an angel waiting for and watching over us.) God was so good to us though.  2 mos after the miscarriage we were pregnant again, and she carried baby Timothy to full term, with absolutely no complications! Hallelujah! I can tell you that between all of the disappointments, we questioned a lot of things,  and wondered if we had gone to a "quack" doctor, etc.

Fast forward to where we are at now and wow! God was doing a work in us that was so much more than just a "tubal reversal". I could go on and on, but I'll close for now. Keep the faith, and follow through on your heart's desire... God has ordered your footsteps... know that.

Love, Lee Martin of the Martin's... Lee, Tracy, Rachel, Sarah, Ashley, Tori and baby Timothy!


Timothy James Martin