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Surgery Date July 2000
Tube length  L R
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 I went to Mexico for the reversal because it is too expensive over here in the States, even with the CHEAP doctors.  Doctor Perez was surprised that I had the tubal to begin with.  He saw a picture of my six children and asked me and my husband why we had it done with such beautiful children.  I liked that attitude right off!!

I went to him for an initial visit, and I loved the picture of Jesus looking over the shoulder of a doctor with his patient.  The patient and doctor were praying.   Dr. Perez has a wonderful bed side manner.  He is a gentle man.  He had no problem scheduling the surgery around me.  Whatever day I chose was fine.  As a matter of fact,  if I had wanted it the next day he would have done it.

When I did go into to have the surgery, the hospital I went to was very small, but very clean.  The staff was very nice.  They knew I didn't speak very much Spanish so if they knew any  English they spoke it.  There was a BIG Cross in the operating room. That gave me comfort.  Dr. Perez is a compassionate doctor.  He may not say a lot, but his actions speak louder than words.  I thank God for bringing Dr. Perez to our attention. 

The price is right , the hospital is clean and the food is great especially if you like authentic Mexican food.  I would love to go back and have Dr. Perez deliver my baby, but 9 hours is a little too far.

Dr. Perez enjoys what he does and he has been doing tr for over 20 years.  His attitude about tubal ligation is different than doctors in the United States.  He knows there are side effects from the surgery. As a matter of fact, he told my husband about some of the side effects after a "Christian" doctor over here told me that it was just surgery and nothing happens to a woman.  He wouldn't do my reversal because it was between me, my husband and God. 

Yes I would go back to Dr. Perez in a minute.  Thank You for this opportunity to share my experience.

Marie Rios