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Surgery Date Dec 17, 2001
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 m/c
Pregnancy 2 Bably Girl 08/2003
Pregnancy 3 It's a Boy!  2004
Pregnancy 4 It's a Girl!
Apr 4, 2006





Welcome Eliana Faith

Our second live reversal miracle, arrived on Tuesday April 4th via c-section. (my 3rd c-section now) She weighed 7lbs-7oz and was 19 in. She is just beautiful! She's just a joy and a blessing to us. It has been almost 14 years since we've had a little girl in the house.  Thank you Jesus for directing us to Dr Perez. Without his surgical skill we would not have these blessings that we do.

Welcome Israel

born November 2004

September 2004

I just wanted to give an update. I had my reversal with Dr. Perez in 2001. We have had 2 previous losses but am currently 31 weeks pregnant with our 3rd reversal baby. I am doing fine, and would really like to encourage those of you who are waiting to trust God and trust His timing. I could have never said that until I was at the place that I am at today.  When we lost our first reversal baby at 5 weeks gestation, then our second at 18 weeks, I thought perhaps the Lord didn't want me having more babies; I just thought maybe as Kathy B says, I was getting a reversal of the heart.  Then He blessed us with this pregnancy.

Also, just 5 weeks ago the Lord has given us a double blessing. We are foster parents and were blessed with a 6 week old baby boy that we may be able to adopt. Our baby growing in my womb will come when our foster son is about 4 months old. WHEW! It will be like twins. Anyway, I wanted to give that update on this uneventful pregnancy and say do not loose hope in your Savior. He will not forsake you.  He may not give us we want, but always gives us what we need!

Update - March 2004

I had my reversal with Dr. Perez in Dec. 2001. I had a pregnancy right away after the reversal, but miscarried. Then the following year had another pregnancy that ended in the stillbirth of our sweet little daughter Aviella, when I was 5 months pregnant.

I am excited and Praising my Lord that I am expecting again! We just found out and I wanted to share it with you all! 

Dr. Perez is a wonderful man, and my husband and I are very thankful the Lord put him in our path for our reversal. Blessings to all.

EDD Nov. 29, 2004


I just wanted to post our sad news.  I had my reversal with Dr. Perez in Dec. of 2001. I had 1 miscarriage 4 weeks after my reversal and was pregnant again this last May.  On this last Thursday I went in for an ultrasound (18 weeks) to find out that my baby had died at 16 weeks.  I went in to the hospital, that night, to deliver.

On Friday Aug. 22, I delivered a baby girl that we named Aviella. (Hebrew for "God is my Father") She weighed 3.1 ounces and was 6.5 in. long.  She had long beautiful hands like her sister, and when I get to heaven I'll let you know if she has her other sister's big smile and her brothers bright eyes.

She did have some birth defects, so we've chosen to find out if it's something that will happen again. It will not stop us from receiving any more blessings, but just so we can be prepared in the event.
Thank you for all the prayers that go up from this list each day for everyone here.

December 2001

I flew from Chicago to Harlingen, rented a car and drove it to Rio Bravo. It only took my dh and I about 35 minutes to get to Pharr. Because we got lost, it took us more time to get to the Hospital! Also, our flight to Harlingen was less than if we had flown to McAllen via Southwest Airlines. Roundtrip for 2 tickets was $460. SWA has deals MOST of the time. We had wheel chairs waiting for us at every change over, and was allowed priority seating on the plane.  The airline attendants knew I had surgery the day before and kept a special eye on me. Our total trip with airfare, car rental, food, and surgery, was $2435. 

 In HIS grip, Becki


Eliana Faith



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