Kimberly Lyons

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Surgery Date Oct 8,  2001
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 Baby born Aug 2002
Pregnancy 2  





Welcome Baby Lyons

born August 2002

I have also been to see Dr Perez and had my reversal done October 8 of this year. The Dr. and staff at the hospital were Wonderful .

My husband got to be in the operating room with me , at one point Dr Perez Said  "come here Mr. Lyons.  Dh said I'm Ok right here :) Dr. Perez said " Come here!" I thought "Oh this is bad". My husband came back and told me " Dr. Perez said you are ovulating right now, He even showed me" Dr. Perez said we will conceive soon and easy.

I am so Thankful to the Lord , He knew this was an area I worried about , and the showed me it would be ok .

Now I have to be truthful , I could not have driven the next day like some of the ladies . I am still not lifting heavy things, and did stay in bed for 5 days after getting home . But the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful quiver full of 7 children here at home ages 13 to 6 and they have taken great care of me, along with my husband and our Church family .

Final cost Dr. Perez and the hospital 1700.  The care was worth far more!

We traveled with another couple who also had a reversal , she had hers the same day . We left on Saturday the 6th, had our reversals on the 8th were home on the 10th . Both husbands were able to go with us , the night of the reversals they slept in our rooms, and were served a wonderful breakfast the next morning.

We had church families that Blessed us by keeping our children , cooking us meals , and keeping us in prayer.

We would Most Highly recommend Dr. Perez!

Kimberly Lyons