Linda & Jose Martinez- Angeles

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Surgery Date Dec 17,  2001
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy! Oct 24, 2002
Pregnancy 2 (twins!)  edd





Greetings. We are a happy couple!! It is through this website that we were blessed to have our reversal done in 12/17/2001. My name is Linda Martinez Angeles and my husbands name is Jose Angeles.  We have been married 10 years.  I have 2 girls already - one 27 married with 3 children and the other is 19 married with on child. After the birth of my now 19 year old , I decided that I would have a tubal ligation due to the fact that I was in a bad relationship. That was in 1985. I met Jose in 1993 and we married in 1994. A few years down the road, we accepted Christ and the yearning to correct a wrong that I had made started. I happened upon Blessed Arrows Ministry and was led to Dr. Perez in 2001. We were able to save enough money to do our surgery. We had it done 12/17/2001 and became pregnant in February and delivered our first baby in 10/24/2002.

We are now 8 weeks pregnant with our second reversal BABIES! we have been told that we are expecting twins. We go back to have another ultrasound on 11/18/2004.


Welcome Baby Boy

Born Oct 24, 2002 @  9:56 am, he weighed 6lbs7oz and was 19 inches long. no complications and baby is healthy.

December 2001

I had my surgery done by Dr. Perez in December, 2001. I am currently expecting our first reversal baby -- due November the 4th. Dr. Perez and everyone on his staff are really great!!

Linda M