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Surgery Date Aug 9, 2002
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August 2002

Well, just like everyone else has said, the hospital and its staff were terrific! There wasn't a single thing that I needed that I had to ask for more than once. The nurses were kind, caring, and attentive. Levi was called as soon as we arrived Thursday evening, since no one there spoke English. He immediately got our room. After we got settled in, he took us to find a nice place to eat supper then brought us back to the hospital and told us what to expect the next morning. I was the only surgery scheduled for Friday (8/9) so they waited to prep me that morning at 7:00 am.

I was prepped, draped and pretty well floating when Dr. Perez came in so I didn't really get to talk with him myself. My husband did however, and said he was a very caring man who explained everything as he went along. Overall he gives us between 80-90% just from looking at the health and state of my ovaries, tubes, and uterus. Of course I know that only God's Will will determine my getting pregnant.

So to make a long story a little bit shorter, it was a very blessed experience. I have never experienced a cleaner, friendlier, or more caring hospital in all my years. I would and do highly recommend it and Dr. Perez to anyone who wants to have this procedure done.

God bless everyone who made this possible for me and my family. We are completely at peace in our decision to have this done. Now we are simply waiting on the healing and God's blessing.

God Bless You All

Shannon Allen