Marlene and Ivan Alves

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Surgery Date Apr, 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 edd Nov 2004
Pregnancy 2  






Update June 2004

We conceived and lost our first reversal baby in 2002.  Well, we are now 5 months pregnant! I am now sending out my loving support to women who are going through what I went through 2 years ago. I've added just a little picture of our little Miracle!!!!  Gabriella is now 24 weeks old, and is already keeping me up all night!!!  I do not remember my other two kicking as hard so early!!  She is a constant reminder of God's answer to prayer.  

God Bless,
Marlene & Ivan Alves

April 2002

I am very happy to say that the surgery went very well, and that the difficult 18 hour drive home in my compact car is finally over.

We woke up in Pharr at about 3 am, Phoenix time and crossed the border to be at the hospital by 7. Believe it or not, we were searched going IN to Mexico! :0) We got lost, and had the very unfortunate experience of seeing an auto accident. It shook us up so badly, we almost threw in the towel and came home. God had other plans.

We decided to continue on, and finally got to the hospital which I considered a refuge in a tough place. It was then that I felt safe and somewhat relaxed. They immediately began prepping me for surgery, and within an hour, I was on the table. My husband stayed with me the whole time along with Dr. Perez, Levi, and the nurse and anesthesiologist.

After surgery, Levi came in and told us that all was very well, and that my tubes were in very good condition, and that I was doing very well. We left about 10 am the next morning and began our journey home.

I believe that the surgery will be a success, and am very excited about trying to conceive in four months. God has done many wonderful things in my life over the last year, and this has definitely been one of them. It is an experience I will never forget. Thank you once again for your website and your prayers. It has changed our lives!!!!

Marlene Alves