Mia and Joel Beekman
R.N. / Paramedic

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Surgery Date Apr 13, 2002
Tube length  L R
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UPDATED:  May 2003

I had my reversal on 4/13/02.  It is a trip my husband and I remember fondly and I was never happier with my medical care. I am and R.N. and my husband is a paramedic. He watched the surgery and was well pleased.  I had my HSG this month and my tubes are open. One a little better flow that the other.   I found out that I have PCOS and that is probably why we haven't conceived yet.  I'm on meds now.  I just needed to say hi and once again reassure everyone about Dr. Perez!

Hi everyone. I wanted to share some info about Dr. Perez at Rio Bravo. I had my TR on 4/13/02.  The grand total cost was 1800.00 American dollars.

I am an R.N. and have worked in many hospitals over the past 11 years, and I can give Dr. Perez and the hospital an excellent recommendation. The hospital and the the nurses were wonderful. The room was a private room and was very very clean and nice.

I don't speak a word (well, I can count) in Spanish and still had no problems with the language barrier. If you have your surgery on Saturday, Levi the physician's assistant, speaks English and he is very attentive and helps tremendously. He even took my husband home with him and out to eat while I was sleeping. My husband is a paramedic and he was allowed to stay in the room and watch everything- Dr. Perez commented and asked me if I was a nurse-it was kind of cute.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience-We would also never have been able to save between 4000 and 10,000 dollars, we already have 4 kids. With plane tickets from Ohio, hotel room, meals, cab fare (-we would never have found the hospital without the cab driver-even he was great-) and surgery, we only took a total of 2400.00.

I would trust Dr. Perez and the hospital completely and would go back to him if needed.

Mia Beekman