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Surgery Date Oct 2, 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a boy! 
Pregnancy 2 It's a boy! 

Both tubes open




Welcome Baby Boy

Born 3-29-05

Welcome Baby Boy

Born  1-25-04

Feb 2007

Dr. Perez and his staff are my miracle workers. I had a tubal ligation when I was 26 and when I got married several years later I got that little bug in my bonnet of wanting a baby. I had my daughter who was 7 but it meant so much to be able to have children with my new husband. My husband and I tried IVF through a well known Dr. in Los Angles and paid over $15,000 for IVF, MEDS and having to fly to L.A. 3 times a week. This was exhausting. I had 10 cell embryos and 5 transferred. It was heart breaking to hear the news that none of them took. I was devastated. We had paid for 2 transfers but I was not willing to go through it all over again. Besides the emotional part the well known doctor was terrible.

Searching around on the internet, not willing to give up hope, I found Dr. Perez's website. I kept this to myself as when you say Mexico to family to give opinions you don't want to hear. As all you know when you are in this position you go by FAITH, HOPE, and MIRACLES and nothing else matters. Well I called and made my appointment just 3 weeks out. I then told my husband and said this is it ! I have $2500.00 left to make our dreams come true. He was so supportive and never said anything to me about being worried. Family gave opinions but they all knew I wasn't going to listen. My heart knew that Dr. Perez was going to be the one to make my dreams come true.

My husband and I flew to Texas and drove to Rio Bravo for my surgery. There we were greeted and felt like we were in wonderful hands the entire time.  I can say I have never been in a cleaner hospital in my life. The staff took wonderful care of me and also helped my husband find a restraint to eat at. My surgery went wonderful and my husband was by my side through the entire surgery. My husband was amazed -- being an EMT he got to see things he would have never of been able to see here in the states. After we returned home a month later, we did an HSG to see if my tubes indeed were working. The doctor who performed the test was in amazement when he found out where I had my surgery done. His exact words were "it looks like you tubes have never even had surgery, Dr. Perez did an outstanding job".

About 6 months after Dr. Perez did my surgery I was pregnant with my son who is now just turned 3.  Born 1-25-04. Wow my dream came true!!!! Dr. Perez really did a great job because when my son was 6 months old I called my husband and said "guess what" and he replied are you pregnant! I said we have been blessed twice, and my youngest son is turning 2 in March born 3-29-05.

What we Americans have become used to, is that it supposedly takes a ton of money and putting ourselves in bankruptcy to  have a GREAT professional doctor who cares to make our dreams of children come true. Well I want to say " Thank you Dr. Perez for everything you do and what you did for me to be able to add to my family. I honestly don't think words can ever say how much I thank you and appreciate all you have done".  God has definitely given you a gift.

October 2002

I had my reversal done Sept. 19th. 2002 . I think Doc Perez and his staff are truly a miracle for anyone seeking a reversal. He made are miracle come true. I am now 3 months pg !!!

I would just like to add my statement for anyone seeking his services as he and his staff are wonderful, and caring.

Thank you and God Bless,
Jenifer Bichel