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Surgery Date June 2002
Tube length  L 7 R 2
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June 2002

I had my tubal ligation done following my second sons birth by c-section. I was 27, had two sons, and had been married for only a few months over 4 years. I had pressure from a Dr, our families, and society in general to have this done. It took a lot for me to realize that God didn't make the decision to close my womb --I did. I didn't want to think about the fact that I was telling God through my actions that I didn't want any blessings from Him, that I especially did not want the greatest blessing that He gives. I wouldn't dare say "God I don't want money, I don't want food..." yet I had no problem telling Him that I didn't want anymore of these beautiful blessings. My depression took us to church. Finally after all these years of only going to church a few times a year, we became active members. I began home schooling my oldest which put me in a position to meet many who had families with 4-10 children and some who had multiple (4+) c-sections safely! As we grew closer to God and began raising our children in a Godly home we knew we had to have a reversal. 6 months later I went to a Dr. about a pain I had, thinking it was another ovarian cyst. Instead I left there in tears after hearing that I had a uterine fibroid and that no matter how hard I fight it -- I will have to give in and have a hysterectomy! I fought it.

About a year later I got a computer and got online. Next thing I knew we were looking at this web site called Blessed Arrows. We looked at the site for a while, then one day we decided to donate and help others. Finally we decided to apply and were accepted. Our Blessed Arrows reversal fund was begun about 2 months before my husband left for army basic training and was finished just after his graduation. This unfortunately meant that he would be unable to go to Mexico for the surgery. I was blessed with another Blessed Arrows member and her husband being there the same time. Anyone who hasn't yet gone, I highly suggest trying to find someone else on the list to go with.

The staff at the hospital are the dearest people! They try to make sure you understand the important things and are always as sweet as can be to you. Within minutes of coming in they put us in our rooms. I didn't go in until after 10, but don't recall waiting, so I suppose I dozed on and off. They came with a wheelchair to take me to the OR. You feel more like a person than a number. Right away they began working on getting things set up for my anesthesia and all, and within a minute or so the Dr. came in and introduced himself. I have no recollection of having the epidural or catheter put in. I woke up somewhere during the surgery and stayed awake for the rest of it.

After the surgery Dr. Perez said that I was ready to go to my room and that after I had time to come out of the anesthesia well and would be able to understand him that he would come and tell me about the surgery. I had very little to almost no pain. I was quite happy when they took out the catheter and the epidural that night, especially when they said I could now get up and walk some. The IV was left in until Saturday morning. He came in and said we were being released, but to first shower. After the shower they change your dressing, take out the IV and you are pretty much free. I was brought breakfast before I left, but didn't eat much of it as I was excited to be going and just didn't have much of an appetite. All I could think of was getting to the bus station and calling my husband and friends.

I am proof that our medical records are not always correct; mine say clearly that only 2 cm were taken on each side, which means I should have had more then enough left on each side. Dr. Perez found that I was cut up much worse then my records said and much worse then a woman should be. I had 7 cm left on my left side, but only 2 cm on my right. Dr. Perez fixed the left side fine, and with the work he did on my right tube, God could use it, but it will be a miracle to conceive from that side. I know that some US Dr's have refused to do surgery if they have less than a certain amount of tube. 9 days after the surgery, my husband took out my stitches. I have not had to take any of my pain medication, just took my antibiotics and 2 Motrin during the bus trip.

I am so thankful for Dr. Perez. his staff, and the hospital in Rio Bravo. It is such a blessing that we were led to this place! It is the cleanest hospital with the nicest staff. It was also the most rest that I have been able to get in a hospital in a long time, and they were always cleaning, but were as quiet as possible. I was in the hospital for just over 24 hours and was amazed at how many times they came in and mopped, took out trash, etc. Anyone who is trying to decide whether to go to Dr. Perez, I want to assure you that you get as good and often better care then I have ever gotten in the states. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Perez and his staff (including Levi). I feel whole again, and even if we never do get our prayers for more children answered with a yes, I will never regret this reversal as it feels so good to have turned even this part of my life back over to God where it should have been all along.

Saprina B