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Surgery Date Apr 20, 2002
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Apr 2002

I flew from my home in TN to McAllen, TX; changing planes 3 times to get there. I was fortunate enough to have a reversal buddy that I met through the RBR website who was going to be meeting me in Houston, just before flying into McAllen. Our plane got held over due to bad weather, so we didn't get into Houston until about 11:45 PM, making it a very long day! We went to a motel in McAllen, and then proceeded to go to the hospital at 6AM the next day.

When we arrived, I was impressed by how clean the hospital, and rooms were. Although the hospital is small, I felt the rooms were very much like we would have in the states, although they felt a little warmer with the furniture, etc. I stayed in my friend's room while she had her blood taken, and IV done, and then went into my own room. The nurses came in and drew my blood, and put in my IV (only one poke)! I had wished at this moment that I could have spoke Spanish, or at least had my husband there with me, I was afraid. It was at that time that I knew the thing I needed to do was pray, and pray, and pray, and trust in God, so that is what I did! I felt God's presence and a peace that I cannot explain.

About 2 hours later, Levi came in and spoke with me. I found myself very comforted by him, and was so glad that he could speak English. The anesthesiologist came in about an hour later and gave me some sleepy medicine, and an hour after that they wheeled me into the OR, gave me more sleepy medicine, and then put in my Epidural.

Unlike most, I did not sleep through the procedure. I may have dozed off, and I recall being very groggy, but I was awake for most things. Throughout the procedure, I would ask if I was ok, and they would reassure me that I was fine. At several points, the Anesthesiologist would stop and hold my hand, which was a huge comfort to me! I believe the whole procedure took about 90 minutes. When they were done, Levi leaned over to me and told me that my tubes were connected, they looked healthy and long, and that I would be pregnant in no time! I said Praise God!!!! I felt whole again for the first time in 4 and a half years!

We left the hospital the next morning at 6 AM, as we had a plane to catch at 8 AM. Although walking was a little difficult, I felt better than I expected to. I have also had C-Sections and so I was expecting the pain to be like that. I was feeling much better than I ever expected, which was a huge blessing, especially since waiting for me at the airport were my 4 girls (ages 4-9)! We were so happy to be together again.

Anyway, in the two + weeks following the procedure, I am doing great! I had pain off and on for the first week which was handled with Motrin. At 8 days DH took out my stitches, it really didn't hurt. And now, I have no pain, and I am feeling wonderful!

I would highly recommend Dr. Perez, and Levi is a God send! Although, I wish that I could have had my husband there with me, I would go again in a heartbeat just for the chance to be whole again!

Helpful hints: If you go without a family member or friend to stay in your room, put out anything you might need or want after surgery on your tray table. I was unable to get up and all my water was packed. Since I couldn't speak Spanish, this was difficult.

Blessings, Tracy