Angie Clark

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Surgery Date July 27, 2002
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July 2002

I was very young, unsaved, and unmarried when I had my tubal ligation. Well, after many years of crying when I saw babies and pregnant women, giving my life completely to God, and marrying a man that helped lead me to God, we decided that we would go to God about what I had done and whatever He said was going to be the end of the matter. The more we counseled with the Elder of our church, the more we learned about possibilities. In one of the sessions, the Elder told us about tubal reversals among other options to correct my error. He didn't know much other than it was possible and that it would be a way to allow God to correct, through man, what I took into my own hands.

So, we started researching through the internet and the Lord led us to RioBravoReversals Group. However, we still didn't have even those small funds. Every time we would save the money, something would come up and we'd have to use the money for that. We stayed prayerful. Finally , approximately, 1-2 years later, we are whole again.

My reversal was with Dr. Perez on July 27, 2002. It was planned at the last minute. All went well. I took my sister-in-law because my husband could not get off from work. We rode the bus to Mc Allen, TX, rented a car, then drove to Rio Bravo. Of course, we got lost in Rio Bravo, but we still made it in time (5-10 min early).

The hospital was the cleanest place I had seen since I left home! The hospital room was really like a mini suite or something. We took pictures before and after. I didn't have much pain. And Levi was a God send. We only saw Dr. Perez in the operating room. Levi even drove back to the border with us.

Thank God for Dr. Perez and this support group!

Angie Clark