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Surgery Date Mar 11  2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 edd 4/14/04
Pregnancy 2  








Updated! November 2003

I had my tubal last year and I am now 5 months pregnant. My due date is April 14th, 2004. Another success story for Dr. Perez.

I will keep you updated. Thanks for your website, your time and your ministry.

James & Dana

We drove down from Waco, Texas to Pharr, Texas on Sunday March 10th.  My surgery was at 7:00 that morning, so we left the hotel at 6:00. The main road is a straight shot to the International Bridge (see directions on this site). We did not have to stop on the way in.

The hospital is small, but it was so pleasant. It was so clean!!! My husband speaks some Spanish but the hematologist, Levi and some nurses spoke great English. There was always someone there to translate. The room was huge and clean. It had a couch and loveseat, a huge tiled bathroom, TV-nicer than most hospital rooms I have been in. The ladies cleaned it several times during my 15 hour stay.

They took me into surgery, I had the OR with this huge cross with Jesus on it on the wall and music playing in the background. It was so wonderful. Levi and the anesthesiologist where both there. They both spoke English. They were very comforting. I remember them talking to me and taking my blood pressure and then I must have been out. They did give me my epidural and my catheter while I was asleep, so I did not feel any of that. I felt great after I came to.

I was able to leave that same day and go back to the hotel and stay.  My family went to eat at a little Mexican place around the corner.  They said it was great and they took American money.  Ask Levi he will know exactly where to eat and how to get there.

Dr. Perez and Levi are a Godsend. They are wonderful doctors. Levi even told my husband so humbly, "Thank you for trusting us and coming and allowing us to do the surgery." They are very competent doctors. Levi also told me "Although we do not have all the big technology as the US has, we have what we need and we believe in treating our patients and truly helping them."  He also said, "Now you get to have the little girl you want."  So Sweet.

It is the sixth day and I feel great. God gets all the glory for this one. He truly is a merciful God and when we are ready to be a living sacrifice he is ready to honor us with our hearts desire.

In His Love and Mercy ,

Dana F.