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Surgery Date Feb 14, 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl
 Jan 19, 2003
Pregnancy 2  





Update August 2004!

Grace was a year old in the picture. She is 19 months old now.   I was 43 when I had her. :-)

Welcome Ana Grace

born Jan 19th 2003. She was 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 20.5 inches long. S he is perfect in every way! I was very happy to have a VBAC as well as no drugs.

February 2002

We arrived at our hotel at 9 PM Thursday night. We (went with two other couples) got to the hospital at about 6:50 the next morning and it was still dark. Once we had our paperwork filled out and had dressed in a hospital gown, they called me to surgery first. That was at 8am. I was back in the room by 10 am. I felt great! I was still drowsy from the sedative and feeling no pain with the help of the epidural..

My husband was in the operating room for most of the surgery. He was very impressed. Not because he expected *less* from a hospital/clinic in Mexico ... but because he expected them to try and mimic procedures from the U.S. He is a big advocate of "less is more" and does not like all the radical procedures that are employed in American Hospitals. For instance. I probably would have been put completely under in an US hospital. I would have been given heavy narcotics for pain relief in the U.S. All which add up to a slow recovery time.  The incision is smaller than my c-section -- about 3.5 inches wide. After the surgery they gave us nothing to eat until 6 pm, and then it was some hot tea and "cookies". :-) I was famished! I really felt surprisingly well considering. I was expecting the pain I had after my tubal ligation.

The nursing staff were great! One nurse spoke some English and combined with my limited Spanish we were able to communicate pretty well. Several of the nurses know a few words in English. They cannot speak it but they do catch a word here or there and pretty much can tell what you are saying.

All in all it was a great experience. I cannot recommend Dr. Perez highly enough. My DH is a Chiropractor and has had a lot of medical training. He was very impressed with the clinic and said that if we lived closer he would want Dr. Perez to deliver our children. He especially liked that they prescribe the minimum meds, and were not as invasive as they could have been.

Also when we were checking out, Levi recapped the surgery and what they found. He also pointed to a spot on the wall right next to the Nursery where he said Dr. Perez is going to place the pictures of all the reversal babies! How exciting! They are very proud of what they are doing. 
Levi has studied and worked in the US. My husband and he talked briefly about the differences in treatment. My husband really enjoyed meeting Dr. Perez and Levi.   All in all I have great hopes, and know that the Lord is using this hospital to help women get back to they way He made them.

Lori Fields