Shannon Freeman

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Surgery Date Feb15,  2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1
Pregnancy 2  







Feb  2002

After a long journey, I am home!!! I can't say ENOUGH THANK YOU'S TO DR PEREZ.

It was kind of of a shock to me considering the operative report stated they removed one fimbriated end and only cut out a section of the other tube. Come to find out when they opened me up, both of the ends were gone. They worked hard and reconstructed me two brand new ends and said I could get pregnant. Just to give it some time.

God answers all of our prayers. Even when you think there is nothing that can be done God provides a way to show the Dr's exactly what to do.

I am so thankful that I am home and put back together they way I should be. I feel complete.
Thanks all for you support.

Shannon F.