Cindee Johnson

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North Carolina

Surgery Date Oct 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1  
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After 6 airports, 2 taxi trips (to and from Mexico), 2 cars trips (to and from Charlotte, NC) 1 bus ride, 3000 miles and having surgery in between all of this I'm back home, whole and complete once again :)! can't believe that I can finally say that and it not be a dream.

I can tell you that everything that everyone has said about Dr. Perez, Levi Guerra Diaz, and the staff @ Rio Bravo was absolutely right on target!! They are wonderful!!!! They are so kind and caring...they do everything they can to make you comfortable the entire time that you are there. I was so hungry Saturday night and when I called Levi, he even brought me back the biggest and might I add best tasting hamburger and fries that I have ever had.

Dr. Perez said that like so many other women in our situation, my op reports where not representative of what was actually done at the time of my TL. My doctor "tried to destroy me on the right side" he said. He had to do quite a bit of reconstruction on the right and none at all on the left. He gave me an 80% chance of conceiving. Of course, we all know that only God makes that happen or not!

Please know this....for anyone that is thinking about or planning to go to Dr. Perez, I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!! Even with all of the travel snafu's.....I do not have any regrets about going down there, even by myself.

Cindee Johnson