Janelle Moe

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Surgery Date  Feb 6, 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1  
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February 2002

Our surgery was on Feb. 6th. We arrived in McAllen Feb. 5th, and were met at the airport by the sister-in-law and father-in-law of one of the ladies in the group. They took us to find a motel and get some lunch; then to Reynosa to do some shopping for the children.

The next day they picked us up and took us to Rio Bravo, and shortly after 8:00, I was in surgery. Everything went well, Dr. Perez had to reconstruct a little. The nurses were so kind and even with the language difference we were able to understand them and they us.

The room was wonderful, like our own little home.  The 7th we went back to McAllen and spent the next few days relaxing and healing for our flight back to Iowa.

It's been 11 years+ and I feel like a new person. My temperament is different and patience level is higher. It's hard to explain but I feel new again. My husband says I'm glowing. I want to thank my friend and her family sooo much for the blessing they gave to us. Without them, our trip would have been stressful and they allowed me to put my mind at ease to be able to heal faster.

My husband took out my stitches (appx 10 days) and I have a very small scar about 2 inches.

Now we are going to just wait on the Lord, for He holds in His hand, whatever will come next for our family. Our children are already putting their order in for a baby brother. But God's will be done.

We wanted to thank everyone for making our trip and surgery possible. God bless you all.

Janelle Moe