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Surgery Date Mar 9, 2002
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1
It's a Girl!
May 21, 2003
Pregnancy 2  






Welcome Jaimie

May 21, 2003

March 2002

I went on Friday, March 9th, for my surgery and was *very* nervous, but everything went very well!

We arrived a little late because we got lost; Levi was outside when we arrived and took us straight to a room. There he gave me a gown to change into and said that we were next and that he would let Dr. Perez know that we were ready. Within 30 minutes they had taken my blood taken me into the operating theatre, and I was out. They did the epidural and catheter after I was asleep so that went fine.

I don't think that they intended to put me to sleep, but my husband said that I kept waking up and trying to sit up and talk to Dr. Perez! I don't remember anything. There was very little pain, I only asked for some medicine once. Everyone was so friendly.

Everything went so well, and I am so glad I went. Today (5 days later) I feel great and am ready to get these stitches out soon.

Leah M