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Surgery Date Sept, 2002
Tube length  L 3 R 3
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HI am finally feeling up to posting my testimony, but I warn you it will be long!! I want to share so much as I always enjoy reading through testimonies.

I drove to my mom's house Thanksgiving afternoon, about an hour and a half away from where we live. Stayed the night and then had my sister take me to the airport the next morning at 8:30.  She works for TSA, the airport security, so she was able to take me all the way to the gate!!! Plus she was waiting for me with a wheelchair when I came home.

I was nervous about flying and kept a pic of my kids next to my heart and prayed and prayed. I flew out of Boise Idaho, changed planes in Denver, Co, and again in Houston. Think I got into McAllen around 7pm. My flight was a bit late so had to wait for Aimee and Joe. There was another couple using the payphones when I was calling Aimee. I didn't know it yet, but they were also going to Dr. Perez! Aimee and Joe came about 7:30 ish, and were wonderful. Aimee gave me a big hug and it made me feel so much better.

We crossed the boarder and I was amazed that there were stop lights on the highway in Mexico! Also saw many people walking the highway. Joe took me into the hospital and talked with the nurses for me. I stayed in room # 7. It is true how clean everything is. Also the blankets on the bed are warm fuzzy ones and the sheets are cotton soft (like flannels), not like the crisp cold ones here in hospitals.

Dr. Levi came in and talked with me for a while and then introduced me to the other two couples from the states that were to have surgery the next day too. It comforted me so much to talk with them. I believe they were both from Texas. Dr. Levi was even nice enough to call my mother and husband for me since I hadn't been able to tell her I had gotten there. (No one knew how to place a collect call). My surgery would be around 9 or so am the next morning.

I missed dinner and lunch, so ate some snacks that I packed, which by the way, is a very recommended thing to do. Think I would have starved otherwise!! Sure I wouldn't have but was very hungry and wasn't going to go walking around Mexico by myself in the dark.

Dr. Levi came in the next morning and said my surgery would be around 1pm and then would put IV in then. Couldn't eat anything. The nurses came in a little bit and wanted to put in IV and I said no way!! Not until 1, I wanted to take a shower and walk around a bit outside. I couldn't speak Spanish and they didn't speak English, but they finally understood 1pm and shower. They gave me a razor and told me where to shave (I preferred to do it myself). I didn't end up going into surgery until about 2:30. Got my IV at 1 and then wheeled in to surgery at 2:30. The gowns they give you are very cute! I was completely at peace that whole day. Oh, before surgery, I walked around outside a bit taking pictures, but only ventured about 3 to 4 blocks from the hospital. I have never seen so many staring dogs and chickens!!

Into surgery and up on the table. The anesthesiologist was very nice. Don't remember his name but don't think it was Dr. Moreno. Told him how nervous I was about being put to sleep as always have a hard time with it, so he didn't!! I was awake the whole time! The epi hurt just a bit as they had to try 3 times to get it in, Dr. Levi scolded me for not telling him I have scoliosis. When I was little it was just a slight curve, but guess it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. But it worked well. It was really weird not being able to move my legs or toes.

I had seen Dr. Perez for about 10 seconds that morning as he was walking into the hospital but we didn't speak as he seemed in a hurry. I asked if it were him, and he said yes and was glad to meet me. He was great. The anesthesiologist, sat by my head until my fear was gone. He stroked my cheek and head, and talked with me. He has a great bedside manner. The nurse took tons of pictures for me and I think that the Dr. finally asked her to stop!

Dr. Perez talked with me a bit in the beginning, asking me what was my goal for having more children, and I told him my story. He said he was happy to hear that, but children are good. Both he and Dr. Levi agreed on that and has made me a bit excited at the idea that it might happen! A little scary because of the money, but I know God wouldn't give us more than we could handle.

Half way through the surgery, which took about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. Dr. Levi's phone rang. He said it had been ringing a lot in the last hour. I told him was probably my mom, so he answered it!!! It was her and the nurse held the phone for me and I talked to her for about 2 minutes!!!

Dr. Levi said that all three ladies done that day had the same problem ~ our left side was cut right at the uterus. So Dr. Perez had to dig into the uterus to find the end of the tube. Think that is what they call reconstruction? I have 3 cm on each side and believe he said I have a 50% chance of conceiving, but I didn't care. I had done what I needed to do to right my wrong. He recommended having an HSG done in three months as he is sure the left side will scar closed. Don't think I will have it done. It might be expensive and insurance doesn't cover, plus have heard it hurts. I don't recall if he thought the right side would close, but am thinking not. He said the ovaries and all else looked very healthy and I was ovulating.

Back in the room I slept for a couple of hours and the nurse woke me for dinner. I slept more. Dr. Levi went home but had to call him back because the epi stopped working on the right side. Was in good pain all night, but found out I wasn't the only one. One of the other women had the same prob. Dr. Levi stayed the night at the hospital and for a while there. I have to say that Dr. Perez is wonderful, but Dr. Levi is a real trooper. He gives so much of himself to the hospital. He has a beautiful 2 yr old little girl he doesn't get to see much because he is always at the hospital. For me he was a true gift from God.

Joe and Aimee took me and another couple to Progresso to shop. About 1 1/2 hrs I think walking around. Was fun and Joe was great. He wouldn't let me carry anything. It was really strange to see the way they drive there. It's true they don't stop at signs and we saw an incredible traffic jam. Everyone kept pushing their way in until finally no one could move. It was something else. Then down the way someone parked in the lane because there wasn't any parking on the side and went into a store. There was nothing we could do but honk. Think we waited about 5 minutes. The boarder at Progresso was to congested so we went back to Rio Bravo to cross. We waited about 2 hrs. Aimee said she had never seen it that bad.

They took me to the Holiday Inn. The people there were great. When they found out I had had surgery they wouldn't let me tip and brought me ice bags and the driver who took me to dinner carried my stuff from Kmart. He was a great person. I went to the Olive Garden for dinner, which was a big treat. I also had to go to Kmart and buy larger pants!!! I walked around for a long time and might have overdone it. I was so tired.

The next morning I went to airport and Joe told me heads up, the people who wheel you from airplane to plane expect a tip. Being from such a small town, I would have never known. Again I changed planes in Houston and Denver. Got to Boise at 6:45pm. and was so glad to see my sister. The airline broke my bag and my sister got it replaced with a better bag! I stayed at my moms for one day then went home and went to Wal-Mart to grocery shop. Boy, I really over did it. Please ladies, don't try to push yourselves. Walking is good, but so is the rest. I find that I am tired out more easy.

I am happy to say that even though it was hectic and fast, it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I was in such a good mood on the way home even though I was way tired. My emotions are a little wacky now, but trying my best to keep them under control.! I haven't been taking the pain pills, but only at night to help with sleeping. I had a great trip and a wonderful experience. Thank you all.

God Bless,

Jennifer Pohl