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Surgery Date Aug. 19, 2002
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Aug 2002

I had my surgery on Mon. Aug. 19, 2002. I feel great!!! And they gave me medically speaking a 80% chance of conceiving. Dr. Perez and Levy, the nurses, anesthesiologist, lab man, receptionists, cleaning ladies - WOW they were all great. Dr. Perez has a very professional, expertise and caring team. The hospital is small but very clean. I had a wonderful experience in Mexico. Dr. Perez, Levy, the nurses, and all of the staff are exceptional, heartfelt, professionals.

My husband was unable to go with me at this time of year because we have our own business. I had buddied up with another couple from the group to meet in McAllen, Texas and ride over the border with them. But unfortunately (for them) they had to cancel their appointment. I felt pretty confident with the language barrier because I had already made my own appointment with the hospital myself. Although I do not speak much Spanish I do know a little and the nurse I spoke with was pretty good with English. I brought a Spanish/English Dictionary too that we used a few times. :o) I traveled from Southern California to McAllen, Texas. Before I left I called Checker Cab in McAllen and talked with Alfredo, gave him my flight number and time I was coming in. He met me at the airport and drove me to Rio Bravo. ($65.00 one way, I gave him $80.00 ea. way).

I spent Sunday night at the hospital so I would be on time for my 7:00 am surgery. My room was very nice. They fed me dinner Sunday evening then I wasn't allowed any food or water after 12:00 pm Sunday night. The gentleman who drew my blood was excellent. You can't even tell where he took it from!! I've had nurses in the states bruise me from wrists to shoulder just taking blood. :o) I laid around and watched cable TV, and read a book until they came in about 1:00 pm Monday afternoon to hook up my IV and prep me. You can't tell where they put the IV in either :o) !! They were all so GOOD at what they did. Then I was off to the operating room. I had the room with the cross hanging over the door. I met Dr. Perez at that time and the anesthesiologist. The epidural was smooth. I woke up several times asking questions - at one point Dr. Perez laughed and told me to go back to sleep. After the surgery Levy came into my room and explained what they did. He said that the doctor who performed my TL on both sides had cut the tube right up next to the uterus. Luckily he did leave enough tube from the ovary on both sides to bring over and reattach to the uterus. My ovaries had started to atrophy, but Levy said I am still ovulating on my right side. However he thinks I could get pregnant off of either side. I asked him on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the best how bad were they atrophied and he said a 5, but he is still very optimistic about my body being in good enough state to conceive a healthy child and carry it it full term. He said he can't wait to hear from me that I had a child.

Levy will make an awesome doctor himself someday. He has a great bedside manner and you can FEEL he really cares. Dr. Perez came in 3 times to check on me after the operation and before I left the hospital!! He is a very nice, professional man. He makes you feel very, very comfortable. I was released on the following day. My faithful cab driver Alfredo picked me up at the hospital and took me to Best Western Hotel in McAllen, TX. I checked in - went shopping at the stores behind it, came back to my room for a little while. Then I went next door and had dinner. I checked out at 1:30 Wed., (they let me extend it 1.5 hr) and the hotel's cab service took me to the airport. That was a long day traveling!! My husband, my daughter, my little son all picked me up at the airport.

Thank you for all of your prayers and suggestions. Don't feel alone if you have to go by yourself. As many of the wonderful ladies here reassured me - we are never alone - GOD is always with us!!!!!

Terri Reindl