Nicole and Michael Williams

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Surgery Date Dec 21, 2002
Ligation May 1, 1995
Tube length  L 2-3 R4-5
Pregnancy 1  
Pregnancy 2  






Dec 2002

We left home Thursday morning (12/19/02) at 6:50am.  We drove for 15 hours from north of Atlanta to northwest Houston. My children stayed with my parents in Houston. On Friday, we drove 6 1/2 hours from Houston to McAllen. I thought I would stay at the hospital Friday night, but my husband wanted to sleep in a real bed one more night since he planned to stay with me Saturday night at the hospital.  So we stayed at the MicroTel in McAllen.  I couldn't get in touch with the friendly cabbie - Joe Galvan - at all Friday night, so Saturday morning we called Checker Cab and they sent out a different, but friendly, driver. I *should have* asked for a price BEFORE we left, but I didn't!  He had a printed laminated card with prices on it, but we didn't see that until we got to Rio Bravo. Anyway, we left our car at the MicroTel in McAllen and paid $69 for the ONE WAY cab ride! My husband had only brought $60 with him! Thankfully, I stuck a $20 in my makeup bag! It took 45 minutes to get to the hospital from the motel in McAllen.  Thankfully, we got there at 6:59am.  Levi told me to be there by 7:00, and I was!

I was prepped for surgery almost immediately. The non-English speaking nurse/aid came in and put in my IV. (I don't know who you ladies had that did your IVs without pain ouch!)  Of course, all this time, I'm still smiling! I wonder if they think all these American ladies are weird ~ always smiling when they're coming in for surgery! :)  Next we're off to the operating room... Levi put "sleepy juice" in my IV. It never makes me go to sleep!!! Maybe a little dopey, but not asleep. I asked some guy if he was the anesthesiologist and he said yes, but never got his name. He put in epidural...I hate those things! and I quickly went numb. My husband just showed up from somewhere after all that... I guess I was a little sleepy... 

Surgery felt like it was 30 minutes. My husband said I kept asking him to scratch my face.... I only remember asking once... My husband met Dr. Perez. Levi briefly introduced them.  I never "met" him. Levi said the doctor that did my tubal really messed me up! I really already knew that.  My husband had worked in surgery as a Surgical Tech with her in the military and he knew she was brutal in tubals. He really didn't think mine would be reversible.  He was only partially right....

I only have 2-3 cm of fallopian tube left on the left side. I am connected - hormones, blood flow, etc. will go through just fine; conception won't happen there (except for God's choosing).  BUT!... on the right side... she tried to butcher me.... BUT  I have 4-5 cm on the right side....PRAISE GOD!! I am so excited!!!   My one main concern - that the ligation doctor had mauled me beyond repair... I placed in my Father's hands before this surgery... and He has healed again!  Praise God! (do I seemed a bit excited to you?!!)

I wish I would have brought more pillows.  They left the foley catheter in all day and night along with the epidural catheter. I could hardly move. I am not a back sleeper, so laying there all day on my back was excruciating. The surgical site didn't hurt nearly as badly as my back did! Extra pillows would have at least made me feel like I was sort of turned a bit. I'm not sure if they would have allowed it but an egg crate on top of the mattress would have helped for some padding, too. At 5:30 am Sunday morning, they finally came out!   Also, something I didn't notice on the list of items to take, but I brought with me - and I'm soooo glad I did - was earplugs.  I'm a light sleeper.  That hospital was so busy!

I have been stiff and sore, but it has not been unbearable. I have taken the medication he gave me for pain - Aleve, and it has helped. Today, 5 days post-op I was up walking Wal-Mart - not going very quickly, mind you, but going none-the-less. Emotionally, I feel GREAT! I am so happy this is over. I still have a hard time believing it hasn't all been a dream!

To those still waiting... with tears in my eyes I can tell you that this moment - right now - makes the last 7 1/2 years of waiting worth it. Oh, I still wish I had never done the ligation in the first place, but right now is what I have waited for. It's worth it. Keep looking to the Lord for his PERFECT timing.

Nicole, whole once again