Becca Young

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Surgery Date May 4, 2002
Tube length  1 tube only
Pregnancy 1 It's a Girl! 5/13/04
Pregnancy 2 It's a Girl! 4/28/06





Welcome  Lihlah Odedila

Born April 28, 2006 at 5:31 pm , 5.13LBS and 18 inches long, Both she and mother are healthy!

September 2005

I am expecting reversal baby number 2!!!!!!!!!! all is fine, the baby is right where he/she belongs. I am going to be delivered via c section on April 27, 2006!!

Welcome  Genesis

born May 13, 2004 at 10:46 pm.  She weighed 5 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20 in. long

May 2002

I had my reversal May 4th in Mexico by Dr. Perez. We drove from California. If I had it to do over again I would fly, but I am so glad we went that I would do it over again -- no matter how I had to do it. It was nice to have our own vehicle and not worry about being stuck or anything like that.

We arrived in McAllen Tx in the afternoon on the 3rd.  Another lady from our group (RioBravoReversals) that I was meeting had not checked into our hotel yet. When we arrived at the at the hotel, I noticed their free shuttle van was still in the driveway. I knew their plane had landed so I asked them to send someone to the airport to get them and they did. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in McAllen, Tx. They have free shuttle service to and from the airport. This is in walking distance of a mall and lots of food places.

We all got up and piled into the car the next morning. As we got to the hospital, Levi came out and greeted us. I was happy to see him. I speak Spanish but feel very insecure speaking it. (However, I remember coming out of surgery rattling on in Spanish and them talking back to me, I understood what they were saying.) He took us to our respective rooms and a nurse came in to start my iv. I was going first. They came and took me to the OR I was nervous, silly but true. The anesthesiologist came in and he began the meds and I got sleepy. I woke up several times during the procedure. The anesthesiologist kept putting stuff in my iv and I would go back to sleep. My husband stayed right in my line of vision which was such a comfort to me. I praise God for this wonderful man as he hates hospitals, the sight of blood and anything to do with anything like that. But when God changed his heart, He did it completely. I remember waking up and asking how things were. My husband said I only had one tube, but that it was put back together and was fine.

For anyone afraid or concerned with having an epidural, don't worry. I was incredibly afraid. I wasn't sure I wanted one. The epidural helped not only during the surgery but also after the surgery. When I got back to my room my husband was there and we talked. I asked him about the one tube, still very sad (not trusting God entirely I think.) Well, the wonderful man reminded me that God is the One who will decide our future and whoever will be in it. He told me we only need one tube! I was blessed.

We left at 5 am the next day and began our very long drive home. We stopped at almost every rest stop and I was glad. Kept me out of incredible pain.

I do want to suggest trying to schedule your surgery with someone else from the group who is going. My new friend and I got scheduled together, not on purpose, but it was an incredible blessing. We were able to support each other the weeks prior to our surgeries and become close to one another. We found we were going through the exact same struggles together and that we were both under attack at the same time prior to our surgeries. I have a new sister in a way I have never had before. It is incredible this bond Christ created for us.

Becca Young