Karen and Larry Ainsworth



November  2003


Tubal reversal  Nov 15, 2003

Pregnancy #3 edd Feb 17, 2006


4 cm left and 5 cm right




May 2005

We are from Mississippi. Tube lengths were approx 4 cm left and 5 cm right.  Got confirmation today that I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  Due Feb, 17, 2006. Thank you Dr. Perez for our beautiful blessing.

Karen and Larry Ainsworth

November 2003

I had my reversal by Dr Perez and Dr Levi, on Saturday November 15th. I didn't get to talk to Dr Perez at all, but I talked to Dr Levi plenty and he is a real nice person as well as a good Doctor. It All started with Aimee meeting us at the airport, she was there before we got off the plane, her and her son and daughter, they were very sweet children and Aimee was a blessing. We had no worries of getting lost, she even took us to the store before we crossed the border and helped us find a hotel room when Dr Levi released me. If you use Dr Perez, don't forget Aimee and Joe, I would use them again, Aimee is wonderful.

Once I got there she was going to help me fill out paperwork but Dr Levi was waiting on me so she left and he went ahead and got me ready for surgery. The only gripe I have is nothing to do with them, its me. I have rolling veins and it only took 4 times to find one to put the iv in. They were kind and tried so hard but my veins weren't cooperating at all. OK then next I go off to the surgery room, and as I laid down, there was the cross above the door I heard so much about. It was very comforting. They gave me something in my iv but it didn't knock me out, I was awake the whole time. Dr Levi had to tell me to be quiet that my guts were moving. LOL. I was just talking away. He probably wanted to knock me out just so I would shut up!!

They did the epidural and I was numb from waist down, I felt tugging and pressure but no pain, I had a good anesthetist, but he kept injecting me with the good stuff to keep me numb. They found only one problem, and it was a cyst, it had to be busted and taken off. They said it burst everywhere. Wow I am glad they got it. But he said it was harmless and I would have always had it anyway and it would have never caused problems. So that was a relief. And while I was eating lunch, guess what Dr Levi brought me? My cyst in a jar for a souvenir. He is so funny. I got good lengths, Dr Levi said he turned back my time clock. I am sure he was joking but it was a nice thing to say and made me feel better. I am 41 and now I am whole.

Coming back across the border wasn't much trouble, they opened my door of the van and asked where I was from. I showed ID and medications and said I had just had surgery. He looked at my meds and said ok, go ahead. That was a breeze. Amy took us to Holiday Express where they have a shuttle to the airport and the room was very nice and clean. They catered to me since I had just had surgery. The shuttle took us to eat that night, went out of their way for me and the next day came to my door and picked up my luggage and me and took us straight to the Airport. Lucky we got there early there was a horrible storm in Houston and they wanted to leave 1 hour early. So we got that plane and when we landed in Jackson, Ms, we heard our plane we were supposed to take originally was still on the ground in McAllen! Wow God was with us.

My trip to Rio Bravo was wonderful. Everyone was very kind and Dr Levi was wonderful to me. I did get pics of Dr Perez, but didn't get to talk to him. I got a pic of Aimee too. Also I got to meet Brenda, her surgery was on the 16th. So I had a buddy with me and our rooms were across the hall from each other. It was nice.

Well that's my story, long enough??? I am whole again. I get stitches out on Monday and after that still gotta go slow. Now I have fixed my sin I am happy. The rest is up to God.

God Bless, Karen in MS~ !



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