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June  2003


Tubal reversal  Jun 14, 2003





June 2003

We are finally back from our long trip. We drove from Louisiana. We left Friday afternoon on on June 13,2003 around 3 o'clock and arrived about 8 am Saturday morning, June 14, 2003. It took awhile to find the hospital. But after a little back tracking we did.

The staff there were very nice and accommodating. And although they could not speak English to well, and we could hardly speak Spanish, we all communicated just fine. Me and my wife both used to work at a hospital, and we were very impressed by how the hospital looked and felt.

We finally met Levi and then Dr. Perez. They were very thorough and confident and went into great detail about the surgery. The surgery itself was a breeze. After setting up my camera, they proceeded with the surgery. It was a joy to see these people in action. Not a wasted movement among them. Now I can't speak a word of Spanish, but I can tell from the way that they moved about and talked that they knew what they were doing. And their confidence was displayed when, after they were done repairing her tubes, they showed me what they had done. I was able to see that her tubes were in fact reconnected and repaired. Levi and Dr. Perez then told me that their part was done, now it was my turn.

(the wife now writing)

It was a wonderfully nervous experience for me. I am able to move about freely. I am still experiencing a little discomfort but I'm very excited about the little baby girl our future holds. We had been planning this trip for so long, I was so glad when the day finally came. I am so thankful to God for Dr. Perez and his staff, and I am so grateful to them for helping make our dream a reality.. I am looking forward getting our little girl. Praise the Lord! Thank you Dr. Perez, Levi and all your wonderful staff. !

Larry and Charlene B



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