Jan Brown

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Surgery Date 3/10/03
Tube length  L 6 R 7
Preg 1 mc 2005
Preg 2 It's a boy!
Feb 2006

Preg 3

It's a girl!





Welcome Mia

 baby girl born 2011

Welcome Adam

The pregnancy in 2005 I had a miscarriage but 2 months later I got pregnant again. I had a baby boy in Feb 2006 he was a big boy 9.9 oz and 21 in long. He is very happy and healthy. My pregnancy was wonderful, the best I had ever had.

We have had no success with getting pregnant since Adam but still trying. I tell everyone that is ever considering Tubal reversal Dr Perez is great - I would do it all again no regrets.

May 2005

We had our tubal ligation reversal with Dr. Perez on March 10th, 2003.  Surprisingly,  2 years later we are now pregnant with our first reversal baby ~ due  in December of 2005.  Every thing planted in the correct spot!

My tube lengths were 6 and 7 cm.  Dr Perez said everything looked good ~ and  he was right!

Jan B