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September 2003


Tubal reversal  Sep 6,  2003





August 2003

Hello to every one. Thought I would drop a line to say we are home and safe. We live in Missouri and drove to Tulsa and flew Friday night at (6:51) from Tulsa our flight was delayed 40 min to Dallas and then on to McAllen. I only had till 9:00 to eat so since our flight was late had a quickie dinner in Dallas.

When we got to McAllen, I went into the bathroom and when I came out Aimee was there with Evan ready to go. We were on our way to Rio Bravo. We went right through the border no problems. We arrived at around 12:00am to the hospital and Aimee got us all set up with the paper work for my surgery then off to sleep we went.

About 6:00am the nurse came in and did my IV, had some trouble but corrected it fast. 7:00am Dr. Levy came in ran through some things with me, asked what I was allergic to and health problems etc. About 7:30 am they came to get me for surgery. The nurse rolled me in and I climbed onto the table. They put me into a fetal position, and Dr. Levy gave me meds to relax me and off to sleep I went. Other than the rather humorous out bursts of "is that it?", "Are you my husband?" and "I can feel that", I was out. Let me assure I could not feel a thing. I have a tilted uterus, so he had to do a lot of searching for my tubes. My husband was there the whole time and met Dr. Perez but as for myself, I never met him. I mainly dealt Dr. Levy. I ended up with 6cm on my left and 7 on my right. I had a cyst on my left fallopian tube that he removed.

They fed my husband all meals with me and it was a good experience. Dr. Levy gave us 80-90% chance of conceiving. I am home and a little sore we have been on 4 planes and drove 6 hrs in the last 3 days though so I think I am doing good for that. I will give full testimony later. Only regrets is that we didn't have much chance to visit with the other couple from the group (Lisa H) while there.

Evan & Kelly C


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