Tonya & Frank Coppersmith


February  2003


Tubal reversal  Feb 26, 2003





Hello everyone,

We got home Friday 2-28 about 11:00pm. We flew all day and then drove for 3 hours. What a trip. BUT The Lord was with us the entire way!. We were absolutely terrified to fly, but if this is God's will, and you know you are walking in obedience with Him, you will be just fine.

Our friends picked us up at the Harlingen airport. We arrived about 7:00 that evening and Levy (Levee) told them to get me there by 9:00! So I am like terrified driving in the dark to get to the Mexico border and to a hospital to have surgery. YIKES. They knew where they were going and got us there. It was like taking a step back in time. Very simple modest and clean! They called Levy and put me in a room. I am shaking and feel sick about now. I looked at my honey and said "do I have to do this?"

A nurse came in smiled at me, and hand signaled that she was going to put an iv in. Because I am so nervous and shaking my veins were rolling and she could not get me. Levy said really gently to relax, everything is going to be ok. I could not believe where I was and what I was going to do! I looked at Levy and said in a whisper can I go to the bathroom? He said yes and was trying to encourage me. I did not have to go but I needed to catch my breath say a prayer. I did this and came back to the bed and he was able to get Dr. Moreno (anesthesiologist), he was gentle and kind and tried to make me laugh. They asked me about allergies to meds etc. The Lord got me through this.

I was wheeled down the hall way, whatever they may lack in some areas, they are way a head of the states in compassion! So I was hooked up to an iv and I was looking into the operating room. The Lord put me on that table! My husband was prepped and changed, I was shivering on the table and watching Dr. Moreno put the ga-ga juice in my arm. I saw Dr. Perez, but I did not speak to him. I only saw his back. But my husband says we spoke during my surgery, *I do not remember any of it* ! I watched the stuff go into my arm and kept looking at the cross on the wall. My husband said he could not believe how tough I was...he said I kept moaning ,it hurts, it hurts. The Holy Spirit was with us! and so he prayed all the way through this.

It took about 1 1/2 hr and I have 2 cm on the left (reconstructive) and 3-4 cm on the right. I was given a 50/50 chance ****BY man**** but God is the one who will determine the percentage! Yes, I cried when told this but it is in the Lord's hands whether we conceive again! In His time! We were told to wait 3 months to try to conceive. Total cost was $1890.

I was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately meds do not take to me. I learned 'el dolor' (pain) and I used it! The staff really took good care of us. They are gentle and sweet. Ladies do not worry about your husband they will have adequate sleeping area for him, but do bring food and water for him.

They were very busy while we were there!! Lots of reversals and sick babies! The hospital was very busy!

I praise God for the chance to be whole again!. Right now I am concentrating on God's grace and how He brought us through all of this. I cannot think of conceiving right now. I am taking it one step at a time. This was a wonderful experience for my husband and I too walk through together.

I am very sore and tender and my family is taking very good care of me!

Blessings to all of you recovering and making appointments and patiently waiting. It is all in Gods time!

Tonya Coppersmith



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