Nagel Dorsey


February  2003


Tubal reversal  Feb 27, 2003





I am back and feeling fine. I have been up and walking around since I had my surgery. I flew out on Continental with a buddy pass given to me on 2-27-03 at 7:05am and arrived in McAllen at 10:31am. I had my surgery at around 3pm. I waited for Levy to get to the office.

The hospital was very clean and nice smelling. I went to the operating room at around 3 and they gave me an epidural and I went off to sleep. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Moreno, was very good at what he does. He explained every step of what he was doing to me. Dr. Perez was in the operating room as well. Levy came in to the room to see me immediately and explained everything that happened in the surgery, and he even brought me the tumors that he removed from my uterus in a jar!

I left the hospital this morning at 5:15am.  My plane was leaving at 6am...I paid a total of $1950.00 for the surgery and $138.00 for the cab ride to and from.  I had a lovely experience with Levy and I would recommend the hospital to anyone.

Levy gave me some Kelfex for antibiotics and Naprosyn for pain. Although I took my bottle of Motrin 800 with me.  I feel real good. I have called everyone I know and told them that I have been made whole again and set free!

Thank you, group, for allowing me to share with you my trip. Thanks again Rio Bravo Reversals for the knowledge that you have shared with each and everyone of us, and Thank God for allowing us to be brave enough families to follow thru with His wishes....

Nagel Dorsey



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