Jackie and  Elpidio Garcia


March  2003


Tubal reversal  Mar 1, 2003

Pregnancy #2 edd Apr 25, 2004

Baby boy born Apr 27,2004





Emillian Joel Garcia

born on April 27th, 2004. He weighed 8lbs and 8 3/4 ounces. He is healthy and my delivery went well.

I would also like to say Thank You! to the person who sent me the beautiful blanket they made.  They didn't leave a name so I just wanted that person to know I received it.  Thanks to everyone for there support and prayers for helping me get through my tubal reversal and finally being able to deliver a baby. I Thank God for everything he has done for me. Because with out him no of this would have been possible.


 I also wouldn't have my beautiful baby with me today with out the lord being there by my side. So to everyone who is still trying to conceive may the lord be with you.  And don't give up your faith good things come to those who wait.

March 2003 -update!

Hi my name is Jackie Garcia. I had a tubal reversal last year in Feb.  It was done by Dr. Perez.  I got pregnant but I had a miscarriage in June.  But I got pregnant again in August.  I am happy to say I am going on 34 weeks pregnant.  Everything is going really good. I'm having a boy who will be born April 25th, 2004.  The reason I waited so long is I wanted to be sure everything was going to be okay with me and the baby.

Everyone take care and God Bless.
Jackie Garcia

Hello everyone!!

I am back form my surgery with Dr. Perez. Everything went well no problems at all.  I arrived a day earlier and they let me have my surgery on Friday instead of Saturday.  I feel really good, but I am a little sore.

The doctors and everyone were really nice and caring.  The hospital was really nice and clean. Levi spent a lot of time talking to my husband and I.  He went over everything with us the do's and don'ts.  I want to thank everyone for there prayers. Now hopefully in a few months I will have my little miracle.

Thank You and God Bless

Jackie & Elpidio Garcia


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