Jenn & Mark Helms


September  2003


Tubal reversal  Sep 20, 2003




September 2003

Well we got home this afternoon. I am exhausted!! But the Lord was with us all the way!!. I have to say that they are AWESOME!! Even if I went and was irreparable it was awesome! But praise the Lord I have 4cm on left and 6cm on right. They said that my chances are 80% and everything is up to my husband!

I am so thankful and unworthy of such a good report. The Lord is so awesome. I will write more latter I need to go and rest. Thank to you all who have prayed for us. And it was awesome to see Robin W and put a face with a name. I will have my longer reversal story in a week or so.

Jennifer H

Phil 3 14

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