Heather & Brad Henn


July  2003


Tubal reversal 

July 14, 2003


Pregnancy #1

It's a girl! Jun 25, 2004

Pregnancy #2

It's a boy! Apr 11, 2006







Tristen Henn

I had Tristen April 11 2006.. We are so happy with our Miracle babies God blessed us with. I really think Dr. Perez is touched by the work he does, I also send people to him and no other DR for a reversal... You all were very good to us and really helped make our family possible for that we thank you dearly....

God Bless Heather




Macy Marie Henn

I just wanted to update everyone...I had my precious little girl June 25th, at 9 am.   7 lbs 13 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.

I am so blessed that we found Dr. Perez who helped make this all come true for me and my hubby



November 2003   Update!

I had my reversal done on 7-14-03 and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. My due date is 7-7-04.

God Bless Heather

July 2003

Brad speaking:

I must admit, I personally was a bit un-easy about the trip, although my wife was not, since I suppose she spent more time on the internet reading testimonies while I was at work, to ease her anxiety. We set our appt. for July 14th 2003, correspondence with Dr. Levy was very easy, as he spoke English and always took my calls. We arrived in McAllen, TX , but it didn't start well...the airline had left our luggage along with 40 other people's in Dallas and told us it would be here later that afternoon...well that afternoon flight broke down, so our luggage didn't bother to make it until 9:00 that night, on the next flight.  We obviously didn't wait around for it, because my wife's surgery was scheduled for 7:00 pm that evening. I had all my clothes packed in a carry on, so we went with that.

We took a taxi into Mexico, I was surprised at how easy it was to cross the border. The taxi driver was very informative and spoke both English and Spanish, which without him, we wouldn't have been able to communicate with anyone until Dr. Levy showed up.

We arrived at the hospital, and just like everyone says...it was extremely clean and smelled like a doctors office! We were admitted within 15 minutes and put in what I'd call a luxury suite. Our room had a 5x5 shower, 4x4 toilet area, a 7x7 seating area with tapestry chairs and coffee table, and my wife's room attached with a cot made out for me...very comfortable! Our room had a television but no vcr. I had packed 6 movies to watch, so I thought I was out of luck, but Dr. Levy managed to get us one by switching our set with another. Honestly, we were treated like royalty.

We went to surgery as planned, The operating room was so very clean, all surgical tools were sterilized, scrubs were worn, and both doctors scrubbed up for at least 10 minutes prior to surgery. It was here where my anxiety was at the most, but it was all laid to rest within the first 5 minutes. We finally met Dr. Perez, there were five total in the room including myself, and I was allowed to take as many pictures as I liked and ask as many questions as well. However, all aspects of the surgery were explained as they were being done anyway. After 2 hours, the surgery was done, with no complications (I'll let my wife inform you of the great results and details).

For all the men:

I must admit, I was planning on being the protective one, seeing as I had a serious misconception of Mexico. But it was nothing like I had been told. The area around the hospital was moderate, but with beautiful houses...some of which I know I could never afford in the US , maybe there? The distance of stores, shopping was minimal about 3 blocks to a 7-11 and several like it, a dollar store and churches chicken. I felt safe enough to walk at midnight to them, so while your wife's in the hospital, you can get some snacks! We were released from the hospital ahead of schedule because of my wife's excellent progress, so we were able to catch the next flight back to Florida the very next day. It's ironic, to be able to leave from Florida, fly to Texas, drive to Mexico, go into surgery that evening at 7, and be released the next day by 3 pm and head back home...you talk about a busy trip....but if I had it to do all over again..."I would"!

I personally would recommend anyone for surgery there and any procedure...not just reversals! With all that said, if you are questioning, the idea of having the surgery performed by Dr. Perez, follow through with it. It's really worth it.....I felt more at home there than I ever have in a US hospital.

God bless, here's my wife.........

Hi everyone! I am doing great just a bit sore. I am glad I went to Mexico for the surgery, it was just like everyone had said ~ very clean and everyone was so nice! I would do it all over again. It turned out better then I had really thought it would.

I had talked to some doctors here and they said that I didn't have enough tubes left to fix. But, I knew from the testimonies here that if anyone could do a great job, it was Dr. Perez. He said my tubes were in good condition, AND ~ I have 5 cm on the left and 6 cm on the right with a 99.9 % chance of having more children! I now feel like a whole person again it is the best feeling in the world. I hope that all of you get this chance it is worth it all.

I will be back to update everyone as to how things go from here.

Heather & Brad Henn



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