Billie & Daniel Hernandez


May  2003


Tubal reversal 

May 18, 2003





May 2003

Hi gals. Just got back from Rio Bravo at 8:30 tonight. Every thing went fine. Didn't get the results I wanted but I am still grateful I am an whole person again.

Levi told me that the Dr. who did my ligation butchered me real good -- didn't leave to much to work with but Dr. Perez was able leave me with 1cc on the left side, but the left ovary is also damaged - so not to good chance there. My right side ovary is in good condition and I have 2-3 cm left. I am still fertile - I still have plenty of eggs on my right side. Well they gave me appx. 40% chance. I told Dr. Levi I'll take it . It's better than no chance!. They charged me $1900 and it was worth every penny.

Joe was there to pick me up at the airport and there to take me back. Just want to clarify that Joe is willing to take you shopping or store or where every you'll like to go but, do remember he charges you for his time. Well for me I didn't mind.

I took cash to pay. Dr. Levi held it for me when I was in surgery. If couldn't trust 'him', who could I trust?! They were the ones doing my surgery!

Billie H


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