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North Carolina

Surgery Date Nov 8, 2003
Tube length  L R
Pregnancy 1

It's a Girl!
Sept 18, 2005

Pregnancy 2 It's a Boy! Dec 19, 2009

2/11/04 both tubes open





Enrique Sanchez Hernandez Jr

I had my 2nd TR baby on Dec 19,2009 he weighed 6lbs 1.2 oz 19 and 1/2 inches long but he came at 35 weeks and 6 days - he was preemie. I have been in and out of the hospital a lot during my pg due to high BP and this last time that I got admitted I was there 1 week before I had him he was not supposed to arrive until Jan 17 2010 they were going to induce my labor on the 1st of Jan but due to my BP and other complications preclampsia they had to hurry and get him out.  his heart rate dropped and my placenta ruptured and my BP dropped so low and he was looking up when he came out but other than that he is fine- has some problems with jaundice - the # s kept going up and up when I got out of the hospital with him.  not even 24 hrs later they admitted him back due to dehydration and jaundice. if I would have waited another day I probably would have lost him due to dehydration but thank god I got him to the hospital in time. His name is after his father Enrique Sanchez Hernandez Jr. when I get a chance I will send pic of both TR babys


Jessenia Isabel Hernandez

Born Sept 18, 2005 ~ she weighed 5lbs 9oz and was born @5:30 am   She's here we waited for a very long time for this reversal baby and she's finally here as everyone knows I had my tr back 2 years ago and we tried so hard to get pg but it was just not our time so we gave up and did not think about it no more so I guess whenever God was ready for us to have a baby then he gave it to us yes she was born sept 18 2005 @5:30 in the morning.  A precious baby girl God gave us was such a blessing to us.  As soon as I get the pictures I will send them.

With love
mary hernandez

April 2005

Hello everyone just wanted to update you on myself but 1st I wanted to say why I have not been on checking the computer with moving and a lot of things going on but now I think that I have time to check my email and to write and let everyone about me anyway I just want to say that I'm finally pg yes I am due around Oct 10 2005 thank God for the blessing we've waited so long for this moment and now its here just to let everyone know I am doing just fine and so is the pg no sickness or anything just pray to god that I will stay like that the doctor says that everything looks fine on the sonograms so that's about me and my pg.

with love

mary hernandez

Feb 2004 

I went to the RE today for my hsg and the doctor explained to me everything and then I asked him if both my tubes were open and he said yes that the dye went through both tubes.  they are very open. also he told me that I needed to get in touch with my ob/gyn in a day or so to find out if everything.


Nov 2003

My trip to Mexico to have my tr was the best thing that ever happened to me.  it all started when I made my appt back in Sept of 03 and I had my tr on Nov 7 03 at 7:30 am, and I would have never believed that I was on my way to Mexico.

On Nov 6 my sister-in-law took the plane from Winston-Salem NC to McAllen Texas and then we got the Mexican bus from McAllen to Rio bravo and from there Dr Levi came and picked us up and took us to eat at this taco place very good yum yum yum so anyway then we got to the hospital and checked in at the office and then he put us into a room and gave me everything to take a bath with and told me to take a shower and shave there and then get some rest then about I think about 3:30 or 4 in the morning they came in to put my iv in and to prep me for surgery so then I was on my way to have my tr and he came in and said I have an emergency with a C-section so I'll come and get you when I'm ready.  so then he came in and off to the operating room we go but my sister- in-law did not go in with me.  So I got up on the table and Dr Perez gave me some pain med and off to sleep I went and after a while I was dosing on and off and I remember him standing over my head and asking me if I was ok and then I said yes and back off to sleep again stayed sleep for a while when I woke up I was already in my room again but was still very numb from waist down and it took a while to wear off.

Dr Levi came in and asked me how I was feeling and I told him very numb and hurting with pain a lot so they gave me pain med and off to sleep again and then I finally woke up after the nurse came in to take my iv out and levi told me to take a shower and walk around a little so that I can get use to walking without bending over, so me and in-law went for a walk outside in front of the hospital a couple of times then I got very weak so I went back inside.

Anyway I am going to finish this long story short we stayed in the hospital for a couple of days and then we signed out and paid and levi took us back to the bus station to get the bus to Texas so that we can make it to the plane in time but we almost missed the plane.   it was a very long trip for me cause I had to take the plane to Texas and then greyhound and then the Mexican bus to and from Mexico a very long trip!!!! It was me and in-law cause hubby could not take off work only his income so that's why in-law came with me.

OK so now he told me to wait 3 months before ttc and to have a hsg to see if the tubes were blocked. I had 5cm on left and 4cm on right with a 70-80 percent of conceiving. 

 so that's my tr story and my journey to and from Mexico I will do anything to go back there again it was the nicest and cleanliest place I have ever seen the housekeepers were cleaning every 5 to10 mins did not even smell one bit like a hospital there is not even a hospital like that in the US like that clean that I seen yet and by the way the food there was fabulous very very good!!!!!




Enrique Sanchez Hernandez Jr

Jessenia Isabel Hernandez

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