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May  2003


Tubal reversal  May 10,  2003





May 2003

We arrived at the airport in McAllen, TX. around 6 pm on May 10. Joe was there to pick us up. He carried my luggage to the car, and my DH and I were on our way to Rio Bravo. When we arrived I saw that the hospital was neat. We walked in to a very clean environment. Joe led us around to the nurse's station, and Dr. Levi was called up front to meet us. He showed us our room, and came back to ask some general questions. I met Monta and her husband in the hallway on their way to the surgery room (7pm). Dr. Levi told us that Lyshron T and her hubby were there too. My DH and I went to greet them as we left to walk around the town. I was told not to eat anything for my surgery would be that night. All the same, when we came back Dr. Levi told us to wait until in the morning. Luis (Levi brother) came to take us out to eat and ride around. My DH was more excited than I due to the fact he could speak and understand Spanish. We settled back into our room around 11 pm.

On May 10 @ 8am, Dr. Levi came in to put in my IV. He tried my left hand, but it did not work-then he tried the right hands and was successful. I was in a little pain after the IV. Levi put me in the wheelchair and rolled me into the surgery room. I was starting to get nervous, but I cast all my fears into the hands of the Lord. My DH changed into scrubs, while Dr. Levi and Dr. Moreno transferred me onto the surgery bed. They put some booties on my feet and a cap on my head. There was a young lady present, but I did not get her name. I looked straight at the door and saw the crucifix above, and Dr. Perez came in so I knew all was well. Dr. Moreno introduced himself, and put some medicine in my IV. After that, I did not remember them putting my epidural in or my catheter. I was feeling very drowsy, I heard a lot of talking, and I talked to my husband. I looked to my right and saw that the time was 10:15 am. By then, Dr. Perez excused himself, and Dr. Levi stitched me up. By 11am I was back in my room. After some hours the medicine wore off. Dr. Levi came in to check on me, I was telling him that I want the catheter out, so he assured me that they would remove it later. The nurses were coming in throughout to give me my medicine. Later in the day Luis came to take my husband out. All I wanted was some rest, and to take out the catheter. Around 9pm, Veronica removed it, and I was so happy.

May 11, I woke up at 6am in pain. The nurse gave me some medicine. Around 7:30am I got my IV and epidural out. I prepared myself to leave. Joe was there at 9am to take us to the airport. We arrived around 10am. We settled in to wait on our 12:40pm flight back to DFW.

I was very blessed to have found Dr. Perez and his staff. I have never been treated so good at any hospital. My husband really enjoyed his stay too. DH says that Dr. Levi was like an old friend. We are blessed with 4-5 cm on both sides & 70/75 rate. Dr. Perez removed 4 cysts as well, and my total fee was $1900.00. I have searched for 3 years to find a doctor who will do my reversal. It was always one thing or another, especially the cost.

I pray that God will continue to bless His people in Rio Bravo! You will be in good hands!

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