Carol James

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Surgery Date May 3, 2003
Tube length  L 3 R 0
Preg 1 mc
Preg 2 mc
Preg 3  


August 2004

We lost the first baby that would have been due this month due to an Ectopic(8 weeks). Then after being told we had very little chance of ever getting pregnant again, we got pregnant in June. Unfortunately we lost this baby also. This time it was a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I am certain we will get another chance. I only have 3 cm of tube left on one side, but if it happened twice , it can happen again!  Take care and God Bless. Carol J

Update! December 2003

I'm Pregnant!! I found out on Dec 20th that I am pregnant. We where not even trying. After the first 3 months we decided to just live life the way we did before the reversal. Not trying to get pregnant, but not trying not to! It only took 3 more months for God to do His thing :-) I am due August 2004. Blessings to everyone, and Happy Holidays! Carol J.

May 2003

Hello Everyone, Well, we did it! We drove to Mexico on Friday, and they decided to go ahead and do it that night. I had anticipated this so I did not eat after 12:30 that day. The surgery went well but was painful.  My husband is Hispanic so he made a bunch of friends, went out to eat a couple of times and even got my SUV washed while I was recovering. Everyone is right, Levi is a great guy!

They also had a cardiologist come and do an EKG and check out a few other things, because I have a Mitral valve messed up in my heart.  So, even though the night it was done - I was really wondering why I electively put myself through such pain - I am now so happy and relieved that I did it.  I am NORMAL again. Which is what our main goal was.

If God sees it in our plan to bless us with another baby, then I will welcome it just as that, another in a long line of Awesome Blessings from our Awesome God! I am just so thankful that He watches over all of us and brings us on these trips and back home safely to our family's.

Love and Peace to all of you! Thank you for your prayers,
Carol J