Trish Kildoo


January  2003


Tubal reversal  Jan 1, 2003





Hello my name is Trish, and I flew to McAllen, TX on Jan 1, 2003 to see Dr. Perez after many months of being on a chat page with many ladies hoping to achieve the same goal. Having our precious little pride and joy.  Our family thought we were a little crazy going to Mexico to have a tubal reversal, but I got so much positive feedback from all the ladies who had been I wasn't worried at all, at least not about the doctor. Going to Mexico was a little scary but we really did have a great time. My husband as a child was in and out of hospital in his childhood so he thought the service, nurses and cleanliness of the hospital was terrific!

Well, Dr. Perez looked at my operative report and thought I had a good chance of success in my mission... which I see as a mission cause my husband and I wanted a child together so badly and we had went though IVF with no success so we had tried for almost 2 years. I have two daughters that at the time were 13 and 8 from a previous marriage that my husband had adopted this year. He is a wonderful father and we wanted to add to a wonderful family. So we did it flew down had surgery on Monday and felt great even went tourist shopping, then flew home next day. So I healed and began trying in April. Every month I took a test (nope not this month) so we tried again. We then moved to VA from FL and I think was starting to give up I just couldn't figure it all out. Why it wasn't happening. So I decided I would go see my ob/gyn and check things out. Wanted to schedule my HSG test to check if tubes were open and see what else I could do. So of course they do a urine test at a visit and lo and behold ~ I was pregnant!! That was August 2003 but 5 weeks later, had a miscarriage. We were very upset. I really just was so disappointed I didn't even want to try again. Well, my husband began working a lot of hours so we didn't have much time together at all.....I guess when you aren't trying it works... I am now 19 weeks pregnant and everything is going strong.

I just wanted to share my story so that anyone thinking of do this, I highly suggest Dr. Perez. He and Levi were wonderful and went over everything. My husband even came in and watched and video taped...... and they talked him though it all. p.s I had diabetes and he was even able to help with that as some doc's in USA don't like messing with it as I found out..

Good Luck

Trish Kildoo


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