Jan & Bob  Kroll


October  2003


Tubal reversal 

Oct 25, 2003


Pg #1 2004 m/c

Pg #2 2005 m/c

Pg #3 2005  m/c

Pg #4 2005 m/c

Pg # 5  It's a Boy! 2007


4-5 cm both sides


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1 tube open & 1 blocked





Daniel Alexander Kroll

Wanted to write and tell you that the baby is here, he was born at 39 weeks gestation on Sunday Sept 2 at 7:10 pm, after being induced at 6am that day and an
extremely long labor ( long for me anyway) and very short delivery (4 pushes).  He was 8lbs 4oz and 21 1/2 inches long. He and mom are very healthy and happy.
 Please keeps us in your prayers. God Bless

In Him
Jan Kroll


October 2003

We made it into Mexico and home safely, comfortably and smoothly. I had my surgery on Oct 25 at 7AM and was in my room recovering at 9:40AM. We were told there are 4-5 cm on each side, and I did have a few cysts, small ones that were removed. Bob did join me in the operating room, I wasn't sure he could muster up the courage but he pleasantly surprised me and came in and stayed the whole time. He ought to be commended because, he has never flown before and he did that very courageously also, He ended up enjoying it and says he will fly again.

I am in no pain and was fed well. We didn't leave hungry. Aimee took excellent care of us, she got us there (to the Hospital) by 8pm Friday and came back to get us as soon as she was called by Levi on Sunday by 9AM. We stayed until Monday the 27th and stayed at the Best Western Rose Garden, right by all those stores, Target , Wal-Mart, and restaurant s. The Hotel paid for a taxi over to the airport, and when Bob went to tip him he refused it. We insisted though.

Dr. Perez popped his head in to meet me and let us get a picture with him and Levi took fabulous care of us. He even offered to have his brother take Bob to eat and look around. Bob never did go, and thank goodness he didn't because I did need him when I got sick, my legs were still numb and I couldn't get up. Mind you, I was feeling fine within an hour or so after ward. I should never have sipped the water, (not Mexican water, but my bottled water from home) if I had waited I would never have gotten sick. I was so thirsty though and thought it would be fine.

The nurses were wonderful and tried very hard to meet our needs. I have no regrets, I am so happy to have had this experience with Dr. Perez and his staff and Levi. There wasn't a need un-met. Like so many others said, the hospital was very clean and warm. I did see the cross in the operating room and heard the peaceful music in the background during surgery. Levi tells me I wasn't sleeping but I remember very little. We really like him. He is wonderful.

The Lord took excellent care of us through Dr Perez and his staff, our whole trip was a blessing. It was well worth the wait. Praise the Lord!

Jan K

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