Brenda & Joe Landry


November  2003


Tubal reversal 

Nov 16, 2003


Pregnancy #1 

Baby Girl - 12/16/05

Pregnancy #2

It's a Boy - 4/20/07


HSG - 2/13/04 - both tubes open






Jayden Patrick

who came into the world shortly after the Easter Holiday! 4/20/2007. He is my second reversal miracle whom we were actually blessed with by suprise! Thank you again to the Perez family and to Dr. Levi for their love and support, through the hands of my surgery! You truly have changed our lives, filled with with love, laughter, forever happiness!



Rylee Anne -Marie Landry

BORN 12-16-04 11:03 PM 8 lbs. 14 0z. 20 in. long .  Bless you Dr. Perez


November 2006 - Update

We began our journey to have a miracle baby several years before we actually had it done. Having a baby was a desire from the very beginning! But there were many doctors who let me down initially. The doctor who performed my ligation literally walked away, closing the door in my face. I was told I could not get a reversal. But, just as there was dispear in my life, then came hope -when the doctor who would later on deliver my miracle baby, gave me exploratory surgery & told me I could actually have the reversal done! Eventually Joe and I pursued it. But, were again let down, by learning the actual cost for the reversal, and that our insurance company would not cover it, since it was a voluntary sterilization! So, to speak, I let go of my dream of ever having a baby with Joe, but only for a short time. I eventually found my way to some reversal groups. It was there, where I learned about several Drs. who performed the reversal surgery, at considerablely much less then the cost than here in New Hampshire. And that there were also a few other Drs. out of the country who could do it. - Originally I went to see a doctor in Canada. Unfortunately after my travel there, I was informed that I would be expected to pay several thousand dollars more, prior to my initial quote. I was again devastated.  But, I moved on with my search. - I spoke another Doctor but, wanted to keep my options open. Eventually I was placed in contact with Dr. Perez in Rio Bravo, Mexico by a friend.  She had her reversal a month before me. -I was very much grateful to speak with Dr. Perez, who instructed me to call Dr. Levi, who booked my surgery appt. immediately!  I loved Mexico and I was very content prior to my surgery, during the surgery and after it. Dr. Levi was absolutely wonderful, who comforted me evry step of the way!  Following my reversal, I became pregnant with my baby girl just 3.5 months later! My reversal was obviously a success and I have reccomended Dr. Perez to several families for their own reversals. Currently we are expecting to have a second miracle baby! My EDD is 4/14/2007


March 2004 - Update

I am happy to announce that after only 5 months since past of my tubal reversal surgery.... WE ARE PREGNANT!!!  **Baby Landry's expected due date is December 5th. 2004**

On February 13th. I had my HSG and am also happy to announce that during this procedure it confirmed that both tubes are indeed OPEN!! Both tubes filled and emptied beautifully. If there was any debris this was flushed out, but there was no sign of any blockage.

Sincerely, Joe and Brenda Landry

November 2003

Our trip began around 7:30am Saturday morning; I was a nervous wreck as I first boarded the plane, but after taking a Zanax I came out of it and handled the rest of the trip well.  The only stump we ran into was when we arrived to San Antonio and because we didn't bring a credit card we couldn't take our rental car!!!  So I pulled us together and had us driven to Greyhound where we managed to buy some cheap tickets to Rio Bravo, Mexico.  We went to a very neat Mexican restaurant just down the road and I wish I had film in my camera at the time!!

Our bus left from San Antonio around 3:30 and about 5 hours later we arrived in Reynosa, MX... before crossing the border though we did have to get off the bus to walk across the border, which was very easy to do without being stopped or spoken to...and then we got back on the bus and brought to the bus station Rio Bravo.  we did have a little language barrier, but after the drivers speaking with each other figured out where we had to go and when we arrived by cab to the Hospital.

I did not meet Dr. Levi and Dr. Perez until the next morning of my surgery and in fact I didn't see much of Dr. Perez because he was so busy! I also met up with another woman who had her reversal the day before I arrived.  after visiting her and already hooked up to an I.V. I went back to my room and Dr. Levi came in to get me for surgery.  I do not remember much of the surgery.... just that I kept telling them to knock me out.  They were all wonderful! I do not remember the epidural either and just remember my DH coming in dressed in scrubs.

When I woke up I was trembling because the anesthesia was wearing off and I was waking up, but what bothered me was my legs were numb. I was very uncomfortable for the first few has been hard to walk, laugh, cough and cry, but I am doing better although I do tend to get stiff in the belly.  I made myself walk after DH and I left the hospital and got over the border, I had some good laughs before and after, but towards the end of the trip I just wanted to go home because I hurt myself laughing.

If I were asked if I would go through this all over again I SURE WOULD!  Everyone there was wonderful! The nurses were wonderful and when I arrived they took very good care of me and my DH.  I still can't believe my tubes are untied today, but I am sure when I get PG I will definitely know it! Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom and for thinking of me!

Brenda and Joe Landry

 6 cm left / 3 cm  right


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