Robin  & Pat Lowe


March  2003


Tubal reversal  Mar 21, 2003

Pregnancy #

Baby Girl born Apr 5, 2005





Lorelei Elise Lowe

born at 2:27am April 5, 2005. 

19 1/2 in long 7lb 13 oz.

 Thank you Dr Perez & Dr. Levi. God made this possible thru the two of you.


We arrived home this morning at 3:00 am. Finally! We had a great weekend and was able to spend Sunday morning on the beach like I was hoping so much to do.

About the surgery. We got to the hospital ok.  Everything was fine until it was time for the IV. The nurse tried to put it in the side of my wrist and it was torture! I asked her if she would do it on the top of my hand and she did. That hurt quite a bit too, but I was glad when it was done.

I guess they weren't busy because they got me at 6:30. I was surprised at how small the OR was. I got on the table. I was a little nervous after the iv. I know that sounds silly. I prayed over and over for God to help me. Levy put the sleep medicine in the iv and I felt it moving down my arm. I think I dreamed about laying on my side and holding my leg and feeling someone touching my back. The next thing I knew I was waking up during the surgery. I had the most wonderful feeling!! I felt so happy inside. I really cant describe it. It was joy and peace all together. I was just elated, and I knew God had helped me.

I was in my room at 8:00pm. I was discharged at about 5pm Saturday afternoon. My left tube is 6 cm. and my right is 7cm. My ovaries are very healthy, and everything looked great according to Levy. He didn't give us any statistics and we didn't ask. He said I could go back to exercising in a month, and not to lift anything for two weeks.

We are glad to be home and are very thankful that God supplied us a way to do this. We are very thankful we were accepted to the waiting list on Blessed Arrows - we have learned a lot and were led by God to where we are now. Now I can officially be taken off the list and everyone below me can move up one! yeah!

Robin Lowe


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