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March  2003


Tubal reversal  Mar 29, 2003





March 2003

My fiancÚ and I flew from Nebraska to McAllen on Friday March 28 and arrived at 10:30 pm. We stayed at the airport Fairfield and walked over to Tony Roma's for him to get something to eat. Didn't get much sleep that night because the cab was to pick us up at 6am. Didn't have much trouble finding the hospital. Was taken into my room and everything went just as I had read on the posts. The iv and being wheeled into surgery - the epi and everything. The next day I spent in bed recovering.

Levy's brother, Luis, took Kenny out and about to buy some food etc. Kenny had a great time with him, and he and Levy are truly saints. Spent some time with Vesna that day too. Wonderful gal and would ask all to pray for her husband over in the war. I got my catheter and epi out the next morning - it felt good to get out of bed although I was quite sore.

It was a long day on the trip home, but am feeling much better today and know tomorrow will be even better. I was really nervous on Friday - all day. However, when I got to the hospital was very much at peace even before I saw the cross. Kenny and I were very impressed with the room, my care, and the whole surgery. He would not have let me go by myself originally, but after us both being there we decided that he could definitely have been safe to let me go alone, and I agreed I would have not have had one problem going alone. That is how wonderful this place is!!

I ended up with 4cm on the right and 5-6 on the left. I am very pleased that I am once again whole.

Thank you so much to this board for informing me so much on Dr. Perez and Rio Bravo. I wouldn't be where I am at without all the information and support from all you. I will keep in touch.

Ginny Mahnke



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