Charlotte Mason

June  2003


Tubal reversal 

June 2003


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! April 2004




Baby Girl Mason

born April 2004



May 2008

I had a tubal reversal in June of 2003.  It was a very pleasant, respectful, and very worthwhile trip. I had a very beautiful and healthy little girl in April 2004. It did not take long for the pregnancy after Dr. Perez and his staff helped us with our blessing.

I would recommend Dr. Perez and his staff to anyone thinking of a tubal reversal in the near future. They are very professional and care about you and your health while you are in their care. I was provided with everything I needed to not get an infection and to heal properly.  My scar is not a major crisis and it is very minimal. I believe they are doing what they were put on earth to do. Help families make their dreams come true when it comes to having a second chance at creating life.

Thanks Dr. Perez, Levi, and all of your staff for everything you did for me and all of the respect and help you provided to my family while I was there.

God Bless All of You.
Charlotte Mason

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