Robert and Chastity McCoy



August  2003


Tubal reversal 

Aug 1, 2003


Pregnancy #1 m/c

Pregnancy #2

It's a Girl!  July 7, 2008



Oct 2004

both tubes show blocked






Myra Olivia McCoy

God has blessed my family with a beautiful baby girl born July 07, 2008 at 5:17pm, weighing 5lbs and 1oz, and 17 inches long.  She is so beautiful and has brought much joy to this family. I have four other kids that are much older, therefore she is like a new toy to everyone (spoiled). We are enjoying her. Thank God that we found Dr. Perez and his staff. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support. And to everyone that is trying to get pregnant. Keep the faith. It will happen. I really thought I would never see this day, but God saw different. And I give Him all the praise and glory. Hallelujah!!!! Thank Jesus!!!!!




March 2008

Hello everyone.  I am 22 weeks. I had my ultrasound. I am having a girl . That is exactly what I prayed for because I already have three boys and only one girl. I am as happy as I have ever been. My baby is healthy and moving everyday. Can't nobody tell me that God is not good because He is good to me all the time.

I was told by my Doctor that I could not get pregnant because my tubes were completely blocked, but my husband and I did not accept what we were told and we kept trying because Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi gave us a 80 to 90 percent chance and that is what we stuck with. I would like to thank Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and the entire staff for making me able to concieve again. I would also like to encourage everyone who is trying to conceive.


My baby is due July 31, 2008. I will keep everyone updated.

December 2007

Hello everyone:   You all might not remember me, but I had my reversal in August 2003. I got pregnant in February 2004, but I missed carried. I am now 2 months pregnant. I just completely stopped trying and to my surprise I am pregnant again. I just got my mind completely off of getting pregnant and said to myself, "if it was meant to happen and if it was in God's will it will happen." Well it happened. I just want to encourage others to do the same. God bless everyone.

February 2004 - Update(s)

I just wanted to let everyone that I lost my baby at 3 weeks.  My hcg level was not high enough to carry the baby. I am feeling ok. Thanks for everything that you all do. You are a great group of people. God bless each of you.

I had my reversal on August 1, 2003. I am now pregnant for the first time. I really do thank the Lord for this group. I thank the Lord for blessing Dr. Perez and Dr. Levi hands. They both have blessed hands. I will continue to lift up those who are trying to conceive and those that are on the way to Mexico to have there reversal done. I would recommend Dr. Perez to anybody!!


August 2003

God bless each of you. I had my tubal reversal on August 1, 2003. It was truly a blessing to me and my husband. We drove from Jackson, MS to Mexico which was a 15 hour drive. We left Jackson Thursday night and arrived at the hospital Friday evening at about 4:00pm. I had to wait until 9:00pm to have my reversal because there were two other people ahead of me.

At about 7:30 the nurse came in and started my IV (ouch!). And that was the only thing that hurt. Dr. Levy and Dr. Perez came in at about 8:45 and explained the procedure. Then they rolled me to the operating room. And that is all I remember. It did not hurt at all.

I was a little sore when I woke up. My husband remained by my side the whole time. I have 5cm remaining on each side. And they give me a 80% to 90% chance of conceiving again. I am so happy and blessed that I found Dr. Perez and the RioBravoReversals group.

Everyone at the hospital is so friendly and it is really clean. The nurses are friendly. Dr. Perez is a wonderful doctor. He is a Christian man. Dr. Levy tries his best to make you as comfortable as possible. So whoever is thinking about going to Dr. Perez, you are making a good choice. It is a blessing.

My total cost was $1975.00 because he had to remove a lot of scar tissue from my previous C-sections. I have been smiling ever since I made it home. I am just happy. I am happy to be whole again and back the way that God intended for me to be.

God bless

Robert and Chastity McCoy

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