Tina & Scott Moberly



October  2003


Tubal reversal  Oct 4, 2003

Pregnancy #1 edd May 19, 2005

Baby boy born Mar 7, 2005



Maximus Alexander Scott Moberly

our sweet baby boy arrived early at 30 weeks by c-section on Mar 7th at 10:49 am.  He weighed 2 lb 6 oz at birth.

 As a side note, my doc showed my husband the fantastic job that Dr. Perez had done on my tubes!!!


December 2004

We had the "big" ultrasound today. We will be blessed with a little boy. Our original due date was 5-17-05, the new date is April 25, 2005 (scheduled repeat c-section). I am attaching an ultrasound of Max sucking his thumb!  Tina

September 2004

I am so happy to let everyone know that we got a positive pregnancy result last Monday (September 6)! I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday of last week. My doctor couldn't find anything on ultrasound. Because of my risk of a tubal pregnancy following the reversal, he sent me to the hospital for blood work. On Thursday, my hcg was 380...Saturdays': 887! They more than doubled. I had my second doctor's appointment today and he was able to find the little sac in the uterus as it should be. It was just too early last week. He wants to do another ultrasound at 3 months to be certain of the dates.   As of now, my due date is May 19, 2005

October 2003

I had my reversal October 4, 2003. I ended up with 6 cm on each side. I hate to say that I don't remember exactly what % they gave me. I remember him saying it was up to my husband now. I believe the number was quite high, but as we all know, those numbers are meaningless without the Lord's intervention.

I'm 33, will be 34 by the time this little one is born. Try not to get discouraged if a pregnancy doesn't happen right away. It's hard to do, I had to pray daily for help with leaving it in His hands.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a great trip and we're home. I'll post again later Everything was wonderful. Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts. Amiee, if you read this, thanks to you and Joe...you're the best.

Tina & Scott Moberly in KY


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