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April  2003


Tubal reversal  Apr 5, 2003





April 2003

First of all, I would like to thank everyone on the group, for your kind words of encouragement, and all the information provided to me when I had questions. Thank you. I feel that God led me to this site to find out about Dr. Perez.

For the past four years, I have researched on doctors, and even scheduled for tr surgery. But, it must of not been my time, because each time it never worked out, something always got in the way. This time, I know it was God's timing. I totally left it in His hands. I asked if it was His will for me to reclaim my fertility and have more children, for Him to please provide us with a doctor and the money. He did. I'm very grateful. I have reclaimed my fertility and it's a wonderful feeling!! I know, I will not make such a bad decision again.

April 4th, my husband and I, left for McAllen. We arrived at the airport, late that Friday night. We were met by Joe Galvan, our taxi driver. He was such a wonderful man. He drove us to our hotel - Super 8 - and made sure everything was in order before he drove off. We made it to our room and were so tired. But, we couldn't sleep. My husband was really nervous for me. I was not scared or nervous. I know it was God that lead me the entire way without being a bit scared. We finally slept maybe 3 hours or so.

The big, day arrived April 5th - the day I became a whole woman again. We received a call from the hotel clerk letting us know Joe was there to pick us up. I was running late (as usual), and Joe was so patient with us. He is truly God sent and out to help people! Finally, we loaded up. Joe, so kindly, helped us with our luggage. We drove off and were headed to Mexico. We arrived and were met by a nurse and Dr. Levy who were both were really kind. Again, Joe made sure everything was in order before driving off.

I was given a room and a gown to change into. The gown fit nicely and was nice and crisp from where it had been ironed. I waited a while before surgery, because they had to deliver a premature baby by c-section, and do another lady's reversal after the c-section. Then it was my turn. While, I waited, I took a very good nap. I met a lady there by the name of Denise. I had spoken to her by phone a few days prior to our meeting in Mexico - she was the lady before me.

Finally, it was my turn - a nurse came in with the wheel chair and put blue boots on my feet and a hair net on my head. I was wheeled off to the surgery room and I hopped up on the table as I was asked to do. Levi and Dr. Moreno, both were in there explaining what they were going to do. I had no questions - they explained everything perfectly. I remember being put in a fetal position ready for the epidural. I think that was the only thing I was nervous about since I'd never had it done before. I remember waking a few times thru surgery and looked around, and I could see a team of working in blue scrubs, and my husband and Dr. Moreno were at my head.

Another time, at the end of surgery, I woke up and saw a man and asked if he was Dr. Perez - he said he was. He came over to me and held my hand as I thanked him for his knowledge and for my surgery going so well. His hands were very soft. I also remember seeing him in blue scrubs with his special black glasses on his head. Next, I asked how much tube I had left. Levi said I had 6cm on the left and 7cm on the right. I was pleased with that.

I slept most of the evening and night following surgery. The next day, I was discharged and paid my fee of $1850.00 as we left the hospital. Sunday, was painful and so was the plane ride home. But, as the days went on by, each day got better.

I am truly glad, God led me to Dr. Perez.

Michelle Moreno


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