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April  2003


Tubal reversal  Apr 11, 2003





April 2003

We flew into McAllen on Friday, April 11, and were met at the airport by Joe.  We started to get in the cab, and there is KATHY H!! It was so exciting and reassuring to have another "sister" there with me. You automatically have this bond because of being part of the group, and we chatted the rest of the way to Mexico.

When we got to the hospital, Joe was wonderful!! He helped us with our things, and then spoke to the nurses for us. He helped us fill out our papers, and saw us off to our rooms. He said he would call Levi and ask when to come and get us. Joe is just wonderful, and if any of you have the opportunity to use his services, I recommend that you do. He went above and beyond what ANY cab driver would do...he has a heart of gold!

So, after we got to our room, the nurses came in and gave me a gown...I changed, and then one came back to put in the IV, Veronica was her name. Bless her heart, she had so much trouble finding a vein. I don't speak Spanish, so I went merely by body language and facial expression, but I could tell that she was upset that she had difficulty. It wasn't her fault. Finally with the help of another nurse, the IV was in, then they shaved me, and there I laid. Waiting!! We watched some TV, and mostly just talked about how shocking it was that we were really going through with this!!

A few hours later Levi came in and asked about doing the surgery that night. I told him that I hadn't discussed it with him on the phone, but we were open to that possibility...and would actually prefer it. They went to check on Kathy (and I assumed she would go first), and then the nurse came and got me!!! I think it was about 7:30...

When they rolled me back to the room, I kept thinking "it isn't too late, you can still tell them no and go right back home, safe and sound". He told me to get on the table, and I looked up to see the crucifix on the wall....and I prayed, and God was there with me.

I woke up a few times during surgery. Once I asked my husband to rub my forehead...another I just asked if it was over yet, and said "well I am going back to sleep then".

They took me back to the room, and Levi told us that they had removed a few big deal. He said that I had 4-5cm on one side, and 5-6cm on the other. He gave us an 80% chance of conceiving...and told my husband that it was "all up to him" after the 3 month wait. Of course, we know Who is the giver of blessings!!

The whole next day was a pain...I really did not like that catheter. It was like my body wanted to fight it the whole time. I was really glad when they finally took it out. As soon as they took that out, and removed the epidural tube, I was up and dressed. I was ready to go!

Joe took us to the market, and we shopped a bit. It was slow moving! By the time we got to the hotel, I was ready for bed!! We ordered a pizza, and went to sleep!!

The next day I felt great! We ended up walking the short distance to Wal-Mart 2 was nice to get up and walk around. We spent that Sunday just relaxing. We got up early and Joe came to pick us up on Monday morning to take us to the airport. The whole thing was quite an experience, but God has already blessed us through it. Now we just wait and see what happens next....


Update: My husband's thoughts.... My husband got to be in the room with me while I was having most of the surgery. He was so pleased with what he saw there!! Very impressed!! Last night he wanted to look at my incision, to make sure it is healing well. He looks and says "Honey, you would NOT believe this"...and I am thinking "oh it's bad" so I say "WHAT is it yucky and infected??"
He said, "NO you can't even TELL where he cut you!! It looks wonderful!" Just wanted to share!!



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