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August  2003


Tubal reversal  Aug 3,  2003




August 2003

I wanted to give thanks to all the support this group has given me and my family we have found much support and in practically the courage to follow thru God's Will. Well let me tell you about my journey to Rio Bravo..:)

I left my home on July 31 on a flight to Orlando to take my daughter to my mom's house and then got the good news that my husband was arriving at Fort Benning, GA from Kuwait on Friday! He called me and told me that he was going to be able to make the flight and the trip with me to Rio Bravo!!  So I did all I needed to do in Orlando, flew to Atlanta (my husband's civilian job is with Delta so we do not pay for flying with them). I arrived at 3:00 pm and received a call from him that his flight was full, so I decided to rent a car and drive the 1 hour 15 minutes to pick him up. I was so happy I didn't care if I needed to drive all the way to Rio Bravo, because God had made it possible for him to be with me.

We were back to the Atlanta in time to make our flight to Corpus Christi.  Delta doesn't fly to McAllen or a nearby airport, so it was either that or Monterrey, Mexico. But it is a 3 hour drive from there to Rio Bravo, and I was not confident of driving in Mexico without knowing the area. We got in to Corpus Christie at 10:30 pm ~~ but our luggage didn't. These are things that happen when you fly on standby. I didn't worry much, because I wasn't scheduled until Sunday Aug. 3, though Lupita (Dr. Perez's wife) had said if I got there Saturday, they could do my surgery then. The bags didn't arrive until 3 pm the next day, but it gave us time to relax and catch up with each other. We had lots of things to talk about! We stayed at the Holiday Inn Airport. With the military discount it came to 63.00, and they gave us a late check out ~ plus they had shuttle buses to the airport for free.

We got our luggage at 4:00 p.m and rented a car with a place that the bus driver had recommended called Rent-A- Wreck. It was very cheap, but it did worry me that the car might break down. It was a Suzuki Swift, and for 2 days it cost us 49.00 with taxes and we used our own insurance. They don't allow you to drive in Mexico, but I had already figured out how to get there. We drove 2 hours to the Reynosa Border (this is after Pharr). It is close to a Wal-Mart, and I saw different hotels there. We left our car in a private parking -- $3.00 per day (24hr) -- called Rio Plaza, and from there we walked cross the border (less than 5 minutes). We paid 25 cents each way. When we got to Reynosa, we paid a taxi cab $3.00 to takes us to the bus stop. The cab would have cost $40.00 to Rio Bravo, but the bus is only $1.60 each way ~ and it takes you to Rio Bravo. The hospital is 7 blocks from the bus stop in Rio Bravo, but a cab from there to the hospital only costs $3.00. It took us 30 minutes to Rio Bravo. On the bus we met these ladies that offered us a ride to the hospital and charged us the same $3.00, because at the time we arrived, there was no taxi and we were going to have to wait until one arrived. So they offered and we accepted. We gave them $5.00. I would have paid $10.00 because I don't like walking...

When we got to the hospital it was already 10.00 pm and I was starving! The nurse told us that the surgery was going to be done at 9.00 am so I could eat. They took me to room #1, everything was cleaned, and there was a couch for my husband and a sitting room and bathroom. Everything was neat, plus I'm Hispanic so I could communicate well with them, although I'm from Puerto Rico, and some of our words don't have the same meaning. :-) Conchita was the nurse who received me. She called Dr Levy and he came for us and took us to eat, then we went back to the hospital. I took a bath and did all the prepping necessary so the nurse didn't have to do that in the morning. The nurses there provided us with bedding, and towels.

In the morning around 8:00 am, the nurse came and started the IV. She stuck me twice, my veins are very bad and hard to get so I ended being stuck close to my elbow (ouch)! I started to get anxious so I prayed. I told my husband that I loved him...and told him that if something was to happen to me, that it was "our" decision and never to blame himself... but those are things that the devil puts in your mine to confuse you and make you doubt God's Greatness...

I went into the operating room and there was Dr. Perez and Dr. Moreno, the nurse and Dr. Levy. I remember that they put in the stick for the epidural and then the medication in the iv to make me fall asleep, and can't remember much until Dr.Perez said "bye" and that he would see me later. I asked Dr. Levy if everything went well and he said yes. I have 4cm on each side and a 70% chance.

I slept all the way until 9:00 pm with no pain, but I had the reaction to the anesthesia (I always do) and started to vomit until it was out of my system. Nurse Ramirez brought me Chamomile tea ...but I didn't eat that night. In the morning I was so hungry I ate the corn flakes, the fruit, the oatmeal, and bread ~ everything they brought me ~ and was doing fine at 10:00 a.m when Dr. Levy came and I told him I was ready to go home. He fixed everything, we took pictures with Dr.Perez, and then he offered to take us to Reynosa instead of us taking the bus! I was so thankful for his kindness, but before we got to Reynosa, I asked him to take me to Dr. Perez's office ~ to meet with Lupita Dr. Perez's wife. The office is right beside his house and she invited us in her home. They have a beautiful home, and she is a very kind person. So is Dr.Perez. We took pictures with her and one of their dogs. I had spoken so many times with her through all my planning, that she had even offered to let me stay at her home! It is nice to know that there are still folks so nice like them, and that God always put people in your way to help.. Dr. Levy then took us right to the Reynosa Border, and we walked across it back to our car..

I don't have anything bad to say about Rio Bravo, Dr. Perez, or the staff. Everyone was kind, the hospital could not have been cleaner (my room was cleaned every 2 hours - someone came in to clean the floor, empty baskets, etc), and they treated us very well! My husband felt at home, he was treated with coffee and Dr. Levy was awesome with us. My cost was $1850.00, and with God's Grace we will soon have a little miracle in our life. But I understand it will be in God's time.

I stayed one more night in Corpus Christie, arrived into Orlando on Tuesday, my husband had to report back to Fort Jackson, SC, and just today August 12 we are back home in NC. We are getting ready to spend 5 days in Puerto Rico before my husband goes back to work with Delta. They have told him that probably he will be reactivated in 90 days -- I'm praying to God that this won't happen. I'm feeling very well, I had a lot of rest in Orlando. Tomorrow my primary care dr will remove the stitches, and then the rest is up to God's Will..

To all the families that are in the process off having the reversal done, don't let fears overcome your decision. If its God's will for you to have this done He will provide all the way and won't leave you...because who He sends He supports all the way. These Dr's are His instruments, and they are truly being used by Him.. I will follow all the directions given this way when time comes I will be prepared to accept it..

God Bless you All and I will keep all families in my prayers ~ and for those that have not gotten pregnant ~ leave it in God's hands..

Michelle & Luis Rivera






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