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November  2003


Tubal reversal  Nov 22 , 2003





November 2003

We left Thursday night by bus and arrived in McAllen on Friday afternoon. Aimee took us from the bus to Rio Bravo. It was a nice trip. A bit weird going through the border but, I guess that's the way they do things. I was extremely nervous and had convinced myself on the trip that the only thing that would make the surgery easier was if I got knocked out. I could just go in, go to sleep and then wake up and it would be done. So, after we got settled and Levi came in to talk to me I told him that that is what I wanted. He asked me to try the epi and if I was really uncomfortable they would knock me out. I was o.k. with that and let it go.

Friday night I met Dewah and Monica.  Monica was waiting for her surgery but wound up not getting it until early Saturday morning. We also met Dr. Perez on Friday night. We had taken a walk outside and he pulled up while we were out there.

Saturday about 11am Dr. Levi came in and said I was next, I just had to wait for the utensils to get sterilized. O.k. so now I got nervous all over again. They came and took me down to surgery and got me up on the table to start the epi while my husband got dressed. They shot the sleepy medicine in my i.v. and that's all I remember until they rolled me over and put the sheet up above me. I was out long enough for them to insert the epi and catheter and then stayed awake and spoke with my DH through the whole surgery. He got a kick out of that one. It was funny to me because I could see and hear everything but couldn't feel a thing. When they were done and were wrapping me up I could see my legs moving but couldn't feel them at all. Then they took me back to my room and Levi came in. He told me that I have 5 cm left on each side so now it's all up to my husband. Also, I don't know how many other women have had this but when my original surgery was done I was banded. Later after my surgery they brought me the pieces of tube that they cut out in a glass bottle. My kids can't wait to see. They removed my i.v., epi and catheter early Sunday morning. I asked Levi when we could go home as I was anxious to see my kids and get to my house he said we could go whenever we were ready so I had him call Aimee and we took a shower and got ready. I had originally scheduled my bus for 7 p.m. but we wound up leaving on the 11:15 which was another blessing as we caught two non stop buses which helped get us home quicker than the original.

Also, we do not speak much Spanish so I was concerned that the language barrier would be a problem but it wasn't at all. The nurses there are soooo friendly.

The trip home was pretty good as well. If anyone else uses Greyhound if you let them know ahead of time that you are having surgery they will bring you out to the waiting area so you don't have to stand with everyone else. They also let us board the buses first so we could sit where we wanted and be together.

As I said before I was very nervous when I first got there, I am a BIG BABY when it comes to things like this but rest assured once you get there and go in for surgery you will be relaxed right away. I have no complaints and would go again if need be. 

Whether I am blessed with a child or not, I know I did the right thing by putting things back the way they should be.

Debby & Tom Sanders


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