Gina & Lamar Scott


March  2003


Tubal reversal  Mar 5,  2003

Pregnancy #1 edd Jan 14, 2004






Due Jan 2004

Hello everyone! I want to say thanks again to this group for being here and supportive. I had my reversal on March 5, 2003, I had the best experience from beginning to end.   I feel as if the Lord helped us plan our trip because it was un-blotched in any way.

I scheduled the appt back in Nov. 2002 for Mar 2003 the money was an issue, but 1 month before the surgery, I got blessed with $5000.00 unexpected money which paid for everything!! All went smoothly, hubby and I had a great time.

Well I found out Thursday that I am 6 weeks pregnant!! They want to keep close watch on me but other than that I feel great, just a little wary.  My doctor gave me a due date of Jan 14, the same day as my son who is (12 years old).

Please keep us in prayer. I pray for everyone here that all goes well for you and may God grant you the desires of your heart.

Gina S

Mar 2003

Thanks for being here! We made it to the hospital at 4:50 on 3-5-03. The appt was for 5:00 pm so we had a whole 10 minutes to spare. We used the directions given on the website (PERFECT).

Once we got there we asked the attendant for Levi (no one speaks English) in less than a minute we were whisked away by a nice young nurse to a very, very clean room and handed a gown. The I.V. was started and hubby and I relaxed, about an hour later, Levi and the sweet nurses came back and wheeled me off to the OP room, where Dr. Perez was waiting. Levi and my hubby stayed behind chatting they soon appeared in scrubs my hubby looked so angelic standing there over me all 6 ft4 300+ lbs of him.

Dr. Moreno started the epidural and I was in lullaby land. I awakened in my room 2 1/2 hours later where the doctor said it all went well. I was told I had 6 inches on both sides and given 80-85 % chance to conceive (we trust God for
100%). After I settled in, Levi and my hubby got food while I slept. I was told I could leave the next day.

I thanked God, there and back, for His provision and for how it all worked out. It was all by God's hand (the travel plans, money, everything. The whole experience went so smoothly. I was the only one scheduled that day, so I felt really pampered. It was very quiet in the tidy hospital. Everyone was sooooo nice!

The room was more than enough for us. We brought new blankets and left them behind. We pray hope to be pregnant soon!

Thanks Again.

Love and prayers,

Gina Scott



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