Kim Selfridge


West Virginia

February  2003


Tubal reversal 

Feb 21, 2003


Pregnancy #1 edd 2004 (m/c)

Pregnancy #2 edd 2005 (m/c)

Pregnancy #3 edd 2007 (m/c)


HSG June 2003  showed right possibly closed left wide open

HSG Dec 2005

both tubes wide open!





March 2007

unfortunately this pregnancy is ending in a miscarriage as well, we are heart broken, but will survive we have our lil girl to keep us focused.

February 2007

We welcomed our adopted daughter into our lives on July 15, 2006, her name is Victoria Ann. She is now 7 months old and the light of our lives. She was born on my 17 yr olds Birthday. When we decided to adopt we also knew we were leaving it in gods hands should we conceive again, after suffering 2 miscarriages in the first 2 years after my reversal, and nothing since Dec 2004 i really felt I was getting to old to conceive I am 42, and came to terms with that. We had Victoria and she became our lives, my 2 older daughters love her to death also. Well here it is 4 years after my reversal and I just got a positive pregnancy test today, we r VERY happy though leery after the miscarriages, we r going to take it one day at a time and pray for a healthy pregnancy. For those of u who haven't conceived yet please don't give up. The best thing i EVER did was go to Mexico and have my reversal.

June 2006

My husband and i have just found out that we have been picked by a birth mother to be the adoptive parents of her newborn baby girl, she is due July 24,2006. It will be a private adoption. It had to be fate that lead me to her, we actually met in a mall in my town.  I will be there for the birth so we are anxiously awaiting her entry into the world. she is truly a blessing to us. we thank god everyday. As far as still trying to conceive we are leaving it it gods hands, I truly believe he will not give me more than I can handle.


April 2006

I didn't realize I had not updated my story so here goes. Unfortunately I had a another miscarriage in Dec 2005. My progesterone levels were a little on the low side so they put me on a supplement however i had a bad reaction to it and had to discontinue taking it causing my levels to lower again they think this may have caused me to miscarry.

Because of my history of 2 miscarriages they wanted to run a bunch of tests I agreed, EVERYTHING turned out fine, thru these tests my tubes were looked at in different ways and they told me the Dr that did my reversal was VERY GOOD both tubes were wide open and looked GREAT!

I have not conceived again yet but I figure my age of 41 has something to do with it.

Anyways I wanted to give u an update as to where I am on my journey, and my Drs findings. Keep Faith I intend to

Kim S

November 2004

I had my TR in Feb 2003, 21 months ago, I will be 40 next month. I had an HSG in June 2003 right closed most likely, but left wide open. Had a miscarriage in March 2004 at @ 5 weeks.  Anyway had a hunch this month so I tested this morning got a light 2nd line but definitely there. By the way, with my miscarriage it never showed up on HPT, HCG only got to 11. So I really feel this is a keeper, please pray for me that it is in the right place and it stays snug in there.

Update March 2004

Well, I am sorry to say that I am having a miscarriage. The Dr did call me yesterday and told me this would probably happen cause the numbers were too low, but we were holding out hope. He said there was something wrong with the baby to cause the numbers to be so low, that maybe it didn't divide right or was just to immature. I was about 4 weeks pregnant. But, on the bright side I now know I can get pregnant, so we'll get through this and move on. Kim

Update - February 2004

Today I went and had a blood test done. I AM PREGNANT!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE

February was 1 year since my reversal. I know if God forbid, I lose this baby I will be heart broken, but.....on the other hand I now KNOW for certain my reversal was a success.  Please keep me in your prayers, Kim

February 2003

We arrived back home last night, everything went great! Here is my story for those of u that would like to know.

We (buddied with Tammy T) flew into Harlingen late Thurs. afternoon and drove to McAllen to meet up with some friends of Tammy's (so glad we did that). Stopped at Wal-Mart and got munchies and water (a must), we went out to dinner at a place called Logan's Roadhouse, then followed her friend across the border. Levy was called to the hospital and it was decided Tammy was going to go to surgery that night. They started prepping her and came and got me and said they wanted to do both that night!

I got to the operating room about 10:30-11:00 (and back out around 12:30). Dr. Moreno put the sleepy juice and epidural in, and I felt NOTHING. Next thing I remember was getting back to my room. But hubby said I talked to him during surgery. Hubby said everything was kept VERY sterile during surgery. The hardest part I had was at about 5:30 in the morning, I had a panic attack (first one ever) I didn't know I could turn on my side with the epi in , and I was going crazy on my back. It hurt a lot just laying there. Levy came in and helped me turn and I went back to sleep.

Dr. Perez came in about 8 or so to check on me, very sweet man :) Any time I needed something and they couldn't understand me, they got someone who did. The people down there are wonderful, and it was very clean. We were discharged about 24 hours after arriving. We got to meet 2 other couples who came in on Friday.

I would do it again in a heart beat! My lengths are right 6-7 left 7-8, I had some adhesions, from my lap a couple of years ago. My total cost was $1900. My hubby really enjoyed seeing the surgery and Dr. Perez let him get right up there and look at everything. After driving there hubby was very nervous about going thru with it, however I said I came all this way, I am going to do it! The first thing i saw when they had me get on the operating table was a cross with Jesus on it, and I just focused on it and knew things would be fine.

We got a hotel Friday night ( Ramada Limited in Harlingen) and took it easy, on Sat. We flew back out then for home Sun. morning. Spent the day on planes, not too bad but was a little bumpy. I am sore but not in a lot of pain unless I overdo it, which I have a little at times.


Kim Selfridge



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